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represents an insurance company in investigating any claim or loss to determine the amount that the insurer should pay the insured policyholder, or to determine the amount of settlement that the insurer should offer the insured policyholder. Does not adjust Life Insurance and annuities.

All Lines Adjuster [626.8548]


Defined as: The solicitation, sale, and negotiation of insurance products. Those who do any of these activities on behalf of insurance companies or insurance customers in Florida must be licensed to do so.

Transaction of Insurance


To receive a license, an agency must submit an application, which must include (6):

•the names of the owners or officers of the agency
•the residential addresses of the owners or officers
•the name of the agency and its business address
•the location of each agency
•the name of a full-time agent who supervises each location
•fingerprints of all owners, officers, partners, or directors


An insurer must have a ___ issued by the Department in order to transact insurance business in Florida.

Certificate of Authority