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Urethritis presents similar to a UTI. What distinguishes it

Discharge only with this, dysuria may or may not be present and is common to both


Urethritis and cervicitis have the same organisms, diagnostic studies, and treatments. What are they

Diagnostic studies: Swab for gram stain, culture, WBC count etc or do a nucleic acid amplification test

Organisms: Gonorrhea and chlamidya

Treatments: Ceftriaxone and azithromycin (or doxycycline but not in pregnant people)


If gonorrhea were to disseminate, what would the symptoms be

Polyarticular disease, petechial rash, and tenosynovitis


Pelvic inflammatory disease is a worse form of urethritis/cervicitis. What are the symptoms

Dysuria/vaginal discharge but now also have abdominal pain, tenderness, fever, and cervical motion tenderness


What is the algorithm for diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease

1.) Pregnancy test - to exclude ectopic pregnancy
2.) Cervical culture/DNA probe for chlamydia or gonorrhea


With pelvic inflammatory disease, you can either treat them as outpatient or admit them and treat them as inpatient. What is the treatments for both

1.) Outpatient: Ceftriaxone and doxycycline - same as urethritis and cervicitis
2.) Inpatient: Cefoxitin (IV) and doxycycline


Epididymitis or orchitis presents with painful or tender testicle with normal position. Its treatment actually depends on age (35 is the cut off). What do you give if less than 35, and if more than 35

Less than 35: Ceftriaxone and doxycycline (same as PID outpatient and urethritis/cervicitis)

Over 35: Fluoroquinolone


Cystitis is only treated if it is symptomatic. What is the definition and treatment of uncomplicated and complicated cystitis

1.) Uncomplicated: Bactrim orally for 3 days, no diagnostic studies even required
2.) Complicated: Anatomic abnormality such as stone, stricture, tumor, or obstruction causing it. Give bactrim for 7 days or ciprofloxacin, and make sure you did ultrasound in diagnosis


Pyelonephritis can be treated based on outpatient or inpatient. What is the treatments for both

Outpatient: Ciprofloxacin (gram negative)
Inpatient: Ampicillin/gentamicin


What is a perinephric abscess, what is the best way to diagnose, and what is the treatment

Definition: Complication of pyelonephritis who doesn't respond to therapy for 5 to 7 days with white cells still on urinalysis

Diagnosis: Biopsy

Treatment: Ciprofloxacin (gram negative) + staph coverage such as oxacillin or nafcillin


What is prostatitis, the best way to diagnose, and the treatment

Definition: Will experience same symptoms as UTI but with perineal/sacral pain and "boggy" prostate

Diagnosis: Urinalysis initial, urine WBC's after massage is best

Treatment: Ciprofloxacin (just like pyelonephritis and cystitis) but do much longer than those two


What is common to all ulcerative genital diseases

Enlarged lymph nodes


What is a chancroid ulcer, it's diagnostic studies, and treatment

Painful ulcer, caused by Haemophilus ducreyi
Initial test: Gram stain - shows gram negative coccobacilli
Best test: Culture - use nairobi medium or mueller hinton agar

Treatment: IM shot of ceftriaxone or single oral dose of azithromycin (same as urethritis/cystitis and initial PID)


What is lymphogranuloma venereum

Ulcer is present, but now have large tender lymph nodes too that can form draining sinus tract

Diagnosis: Serology for chlamydia trachomatis (remember that this is not seen on gram stain)

Treatment: Aspirate the bubo (lymph node). Treat with doxycycline and azithromycin


You can skip the diagnostic test for a specific kind of lesion. What is it

Genital herpes - skip to acyclovir, valaclovir, famciclovir for 7 to 10 days

If failure, proceed to tzanck prep or viral culture )most accurate)

If acyclovir resistant, replace with foscarnet

1.) Acyclovir is safe during pregnancy
2.) Serology is useless


What is the organism that causes syphilis, how does it present

Treponema pallidum - presents as painless ulcer with painless inguinal lymphadenopathy


What is the different in symptoms between primary, secondary, and tertiary syphilis

Primary: Chancre, adenopathy

Secondary: Rash, alopecia areata, condylomata lata

Tertiary: Tabes dorsalis, argyll robertson pupil, general paresis, gumma or aortitis


What is the difference in diagnostic testing for primary syphilis, secondary syphilis, and tertiary syphilis

1.) Primary: Do Darkfield, then VDRL and RPR after

2.) Secondary: RPR and FTA

3.) Tertiary: RPR and FTA, lumbar puncture testing VDRL and FTA


What is the difference in treatments between primary, secondary, and tertiary syhpilis

1.) Primary and secondary give IM penicillin
2.) Tertiary give IV penicillin

If allergic in primary and secondary, give doxycycline
If allergic in tertiary, desensitize them and give penicillin

- Desensitization should only be performed in neurosyphilis and pregnant women


How do you treat genital warts - condylomata acuminata, verrucous wart, molluscum contagiosum

Mechanical removal


What is condylomata acuminata caused by, and you should skip diagnosis and proceed to treatment. What is treatment

Caused by HPV, treat with cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, surgery for large ones, maybe podophyillin


Pediculosis (crabs) and scabies have the same treatment. What is it

1.) Permethrin

If more widespread, give ivermectin