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What happens

-a family of farmers on an isolated island who are in the midst of a storm
-when the storm hits, they also act as if they are doubting they will even survive
-battle of nature


What does cesura and hyphens do

It reiterates the panic building in their bodies.


“_____/____/__/____” symbolic, sinking emotions, trying to stay positive

“Sink walls in rock”


“___________” oxymoron, talking about the sea, out of control, can’t do anything



“____/_____/_/_______/______/__/_/_____” personification, loud, powerful, tragic, pray not to die, hoping

“Can raise a tragic chorus in a gale”


“__/___/___________/__/___/____/___” scared of nothing, attacked by nothing, Shumi, not like it’s going to hurt them but they fear it anyway.

“ we are bombarded by the empty air”