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Name 2 studies that investigates acute stressors and examination stress

> Kiecolt Glaser
> Marucha


Outline what Kiecolt-Glaser did

They carried out a natural experiment by using blood samples taken from medical students one month before exams and during the exams. They measured the Natural Killer cell Activity in each blood sample.


What did Kiecolt-Glaser find?

They found that NK cell activity was significantly reduced in the sample taken during exams, compared to the other sample. This suggests that short-term stressors reduce the immune system functioning, thus increases vulnerability to illness.


Outline what Marucha did

Marucha performed punch biopsy's inside of students' mouths either during the summer holidays or 3 days before the exams.


What did Marucha find?

Marucha found that wounds gievn before the exams took 40% longer to heal than wounds during the holidays


Name 2 Studies that investigates Chronic Stress and relationship stress

> Kiecolt-Glaser
> Malarkey


Outline what Kiecolt-Glaser did

Kiecolt-Glaser tested the impact of relationship conflicts on wound healing.


What did Kiecolt-Glaser find?

They found that blister wounds on the arms of married couples healed more slowly after they had discussions which conflicting rather than supportive.


Outline what Malarkey did

Malarkey studied 90 newly-wed couples over a 24 hour period


What did Malarkey find

They found that Marital conflict produced significant changes in adrenaline and noradrenaline, which could lead to reduction in immune system functioning.