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MCA Syndrome

-global aphasia
-brachial syndrome (weakness of UE)
-facial weakness and motor aphasia
-combo of sensory disturbance, motor weakness and motor aphasia


Anterior Cerebral Artery (ACA) Syndrome

-occlusion may affect both hemispheres
-contralateral hemiparesis and sensory loss in the LE
-abulia (delay in verbal and motor response)
-akinetic mutism


Internal Carotid Syndrome

-depends on how it was occluded
-could be asymptomatic if circle of willis is functioning correctly


PCA syndrome

-Weber syndrome
-subthalamus, thalamus and ipsilateral cerebral peduncle and midbrain
-thalamic syndrome (abnormal sensation of pain, temp, proprioception and touch)
-sensations may be exaggerated and light pressure may be interpreted as painful
-apathy, amnesia
-disinhibition syndromes with personality changes, loss of self-activation, thalamic dementia
-cranial nerve III palsy


Vertebral and PICA Syndrome

-ischemia is not always manifested because of collateral circulation
-lateral medulla and posteroinferior cerebellum
-vertigo, nausea, hoarseness, dysphagia
-ipsilateral ataxia, ptosis, impariement of sensation to ipsilateral face


Basilar Artery syndrome

-brainstem, corticospinal tract, corticobulbar tract, medial and superior cerebellar peduncles, spinothalamic tracts and cranial nerve nuclei affected
-symptoms are unilateral involving sensory and motor aspects of cranial nerves


Sup. Cerebellar Artery Syndrome

-severe ipsilateral cerebellar ataxia
-dysarthria (slurring of speech)


AICA Syndrome

-horner's syndrome
-ipsilateral deafness
-facial weakness
-nausea and vomiting


Lacunar Syndrome

-found in basal ganglia, internal capsule, pons
-20% of cases show slow, progressive s/s
-weakness of the face, dysarthria
-ataxia, clumsiness, weakness


inferior division of MCA

-wernicke's aphasia w/o weakness