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What’s significant about Iago opening the play?

Creates dramatic tension as he’s the villain


How is Othello’s language in A1, S2?

Calm, measures tone
Blank verse
Contrasts to Iago / Roderigo


A1, S3 and it’s relevance to Othello’s life

Structured to pull Othello between love and war


Iago’s speech pattern in A1, S3

Speaks quickly in fast moving prose to outwit Roderigo


How are soliloquies used?

At the beginning and the end of the play to alert the audience of a plan


How are the audience left at the end of Act 1?

Aware of Iago’s dark nature, when his soliloquy ends on an image of “hell and night” which associates him to dark forces


What does the very short scene of A2, S2 do?

Links love to war

The audience can infer / foreshadow Othello’s marriage may become under threat


What’s significant about A3, S2?

Builds up to the pivotal scene


Significance of A3, S3?

It is a very long, yet fast moving scene- this allows Iago’s poison to work quickly

It is an intense and claustrophobic scene


What’s significant about A4, S1?

Foreshadows the end of the play