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List all of the camera angles

Low Angle, High Angle, Profile, Close up, Extreme Close up, Birds eye view, Long distance and Mid- shot


What does P in Petal stand for and its meaning?

It stands for Point.
It means:
It is the topic sentence. It is the central idea of the image or text


What does E stand for and what is it’s meaning?

The E stands for Example/ Evidence
It means:
Whatever your main point is or what you think the meaning is from the text or image you have to have examples why you think that it means what you stated.
I think it looks scary.
E- It has dark colours


What does T stand for?

It’s what visual technique is evident in your example.


What does A stand for?

A is Analyse
It means:
You show your understanding by analysing in more detail. HOW did it make you feel?


What does L stand for?

L is Link
You try and sum up the paragraph by linking back to the main point. Or link to the next part of the paragraph


What is the meaning of salience?

Salience is what the focal point of the photo is. They might stand out because they are a different colour or they take up a large portion of the page.


What is symbolism?

Symbolism is when you use an object or thing to represent something.


What are Vectors?

They are a line that takes our eyes to a certain place in the image.


What is Tones?

Tones are the amount of brightness used.


What are the reading path?

It’s the way you read. Normally it is from left to right.


What is contrast?

It is the opposite elements of colours or textures.


What are facial expressions?

They are emotions portrayed on someone’s face


What is Body language ?

It’s when they do something with their body to show their mood.


What is a protagonist ?

It is one or the main character(s) in the image/ text


What is a composer?

An author of a text or illustrator of an image


What’s the meaning of represent?

It’s when something in an image shows meaning for something else


What is the meaning of demonstrate?

They show what they need to do before they do it


What is the meaning of illustrate

If something illustrates something it shows what the image means