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The two aspects of scope are...

- Product Scope: requirements that relate to the product of the project
- Project Scope: work needed to deliver the product of the project


Scope creep is...

- A term coined by the US Air Force
- When additional scope elements are added to a project without any means controlling the additions


Gold Plating is...

- A subset of scope creep
- When a team member adds elements to the project because they think it is a good idea


The scope baseline consists of...

- The scope statement
- The WBS
- The WBS Dictionary


Scope management is performed to...

ensure that the project contains all the work needed (and only the work needed) to fulfil project objectives.


The scope management plan typically contains...

- How changes to the scope will be managed
- Escalation hierarchy in the organization
- Description of any control systems used to manage changes to scope


A requirement is a...

A condition or capability that must be met or posessed by a system, product, serice, result or componte t to satisfy a contract, standard, specification or other formally imposed document


The requirements management plan describes...

How the requirements collectio nwill be planned, executed and changes to the requirements will be managed


The elements in a requirements management plan include..

- Techniques to collect requirements
- How to handle stakeholder disagreements
- Level of detail required
- How requirements will be prioritized
- How to address missed requirements


Eight requirements collection tools are...

- Interviewing
- Focus groups
- Facilitated workshops
- Group Creativity Techniques
- Group decision making techniques
- Questionnaires and surveys
- Observation (QFD)
- Prototypes


Five group creativity techniques are...

- Brainstorming
- Nominal Group Technique
- Mind-mapping
- The Affinity Diagram
- The Delphi Technique


Two group decision-making techniques are...

- They analytical hierarchy process
- Voting methods


The requirements traceability matrix tracks requirements and identifies...

- Source of requirement
- Responsibility for managing
- Work status
- Completion status


The purpose of the requirements traceability matrix is to...

- trace user requirements to the work packages or activities needed to fulfill the requirements.


The process of defining scope includes...

- An outline of what is in and out of scope
- Detail on project risks, constraints and assumptions


In the define scope process, if the initial analysis does not meet management's expectations, the project manager is responsible for..

Developing options for meeting the schedule, cost and scope objectives (can include negotiating a reduced scope)


The key output from the define scope process is...

The project scope statement


The project scope statement includes...

- Requirements and the work needed to deliver requirements
- Input from stakeholders and subject matter experts


The WBS is...

- One of the most important tools
- A structured hierarchy of activities
- Used to keep work from falling through the cracks
- Used to allow for team buy-in
- Does not show dependencies or sequence


A control account is...

- A higher level above a work package
- A control point for scope, cost and schedule


A code of accounts is...

Any numbering system that uniquely identifies each component in the WBS


A chart of accounts is...

A list of all account names and numbers used in a company's general ledger


The WBS Dictionary is...

- One of the most important documents
- An document with specific details for the elements of the WBS (owner, schedule, cost, acceptance criteria, etc...)


The verify scope process is...

- Completed to gain formal acceptance of the work products by the customer
- Performed in the Monitoring & Control process group


The control scope process is...

- Used to measure the work product against the scope baseline
- Measured against the project management plan
- Performed frequently to ensure that the project stays on track


A change control system is...

- Required to prevent or eliminate scope creep
- Does not allow for undocumented, unapproved changes
- Required to be enforced by the project manager for their project