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Learning curves:
Decreasing return or accelerating negatively: means increased rapidly at first then rate slows learning involves a routine test once mastered learning jobs. Increasing return; exhilarating positive, means learning something new beginning flow well basics learned then performance takes off. S shaped curve: combination of increasing and decreasing returns, means learning a different task that requires specific insight problem-solving activities are often on it Eschete slow at onset until more familiar with the process them performance takes the new challenges presented than individual learn slow again here. Plateau; learning fast at first then flattened and no appear progress. Give examples of each again

And example of decreasing return or accelerating negatively: routine cat once master learning stops increasing return accelerating positive: learning something new beginning slow while basics learned them performance takes up. S shaped: difficult task that requires specific insight problem-solving activities are often on it at shape slow at onset into more familiar with the process then performance takes off new challenges presented than individual learn slowly again. Plan: learning fast at first then flattens with no apparent progress will make progress with encouragement. My toes are, but many learners are prepared for the plateau and make it discourage and they don't get if they don't get some understanding And encouragement.


Best way for managers to measure observable changes in behavior is through the use of?

Answer: performance tests.


Performance test measure what changes?



Number one way to measure behavior behavioral changes

Performance test.


There are four methods of a evaluation in training:
reaction, learning, behavior, and results.

Level one; reaction, Level two; learning level Three; behavior level four: results.

Level III measuring behavior can be measured by how

Performance test which are actual samples of the content to is critical incidents, 360° feedback prices, simulation, observation – observationassess complex performance that is difficult to evaluate by means of a questionnaire interview or simulation.


What is the most difficult level of the evaluation methods to measure.

Level III behaviors behaviors is the most difficult more difficult to measure them reactions and learning because a change in behavior requires participants to have desire to change receive encouragement to change and his record it when change occurs changes in behavior can be evaluated using a variety of methods combining the methods may you of the truth picture of behavioral change performance test is the best best method to measure this type of test measures for a behavior that change and transfers to the work environment.


Level one evaluation is?



What does reaction mean as a evaluation method of. Training?

How participant felt about the training


What does level to learning mean of the evaluation method method?

Learning me how to increase or change their knowledge skills or attitudes.


What does valuation level III mean for training behavior?

Behavior means help which is the pin change their behavior on the job.


What does level for results mean in the evaluation method for training?

Level for results means how the program affected the organization goals


Who designed the four levels of the evaluation at

Kirkpatrick four levels


Describe Kirkpatricks four levels of the evaluation methods for training

Level one reaction level to learning level III behavior level for results reaction mean how pretty is the pin felt about the training. Learning mean how participant increase or change their knowledge skills and attitudes. Behavior of evaluation mean how participated change their behavior on the job. Results level for me how the program affected the organizational goals.


How is level one measured and what does level one manager

Level one of the evaluation methods of training is measured by survey interviews it measures the participants reaction reaction is level one surveys and interviews will measure the immediate reaction only matters what they like and the environment it does notMeasure learning only reaction reason it's called level one it's only the reaction to the program that you're evaluating do a survey or an interview.


What does level two of the learning program manager training program and what are the types of tools that you use to measure

Level two of Kirkpatrick the valuation method is learning your evaluating learning for the training and to evaluate learning you evaluate how the participant learn that ideas concepts theory and attitudes how increase or change their knowledge skills or attitudes how these are measured it through experimental methods. Experimental method Objective view and and measure learning. Types include post measure test, pre post measure, pre post measure with control.


How do you measure level III behaviors to evaluate training

To measure level III behaviors which is the most difficult then reactions in learning is through performance test, critical incident, 360° feedback responses, simulation, and observations. Pro-Formance test evaluate and measure behavioral changes that will transfer to the actual work environment include actual samples of content. Observations can assess complex performance that is difficult to evaluate by means of questionnaire interviews or stimulation.


How do you measure level four of training methods

Measuring results measured by comparing the effective training programs on the achievement of organizational goals. This is a cost benefit or return on investment can also be determined from progress towards organizational objectives and performance appraisals.


What are the four levels of measuring evaluation of training

Level one reactions, level to learning, level III behaviors, level for results.


What are the 5 levels of learning

Knowledge, Comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, a evaluation.


Give examples of knowledge and learning or the level of knowledge in learning

At the knowledge level this is when a participant can recall facts and parts.


Give him example of comprehension level of learning what can the participants do at the level of comprehension

At the level of comprehension participants can grab the fax and I can't explain them can explain the facts and why.


Explain what application or participants can do at the application of learning

Easier not at the application level participants can apply the information produce develop actions


What camp participants show or do at the end now assist level of learning

At the analysis level of learning participants understand why can't explain how previous maintenance and improvements can be made


Explain what I can do when you're at the synthesis level of learning

Level of learning a participant can train and learn more of the broad understanding now explain how it works and can help teach the information this is at the level of synthesis


Explain what a participant can do at the level of learning that is a valuation what can the participant do at the evaluation level of learning

At the level of the valuation of learning now the participants are at the highest level which is the level six and now they can please make value judgments can't select the best can determine what is the very best in the situation and make a judgment and decision.


What level learning is when someone places that you are makes judgments about a selected information



What method of learning is it if you were just going to provide fax or parts in recall

Knowledge level of learning


What level of learning is it when a participant could explain how something works it's preventative maintenance or how to prove something

Analysis learning level


What is the level of learning went to participants can develop actions can run to produce something in the work environment learns how to run a new piece of machinery

Application level of learning


What is the level of learning that kid now explain the facts of why

Comprehension level of learning