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What is a quadrat?

A quadret is a square that can any size but one with 0.5m is convenient to use in a field


What 2 things can a quadret be used to count?

~The number of each species of plant inside it
~The percentages cover of a plant


What 5 steps can we follow in order to find out how many organisms there are in an area?

1. Select a random sampling method (to avoid any bias)
2. A 1m squared quadrat is placed randomly and the number of living organism in the quadret is counted
3. This is repeated at least twice or until the numbers in the quadrat area consistent
4. An average is calculated of the numbers counted from each quadrat
5. The number is multiplied to calculate the total number in the whole lawn


How can we see if the numbers of organisms have changed?

~Use the quadrat method to calculate the number of organisms in an area at the start of the study
~Use the quadrat method to study the same are after a set period of time
~Note the change to identify a pattern