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T OR F - Do salary stylists work in magazines, department stores, and T.V?



T OR F- Your clothing affects the way others react to you?



T OR F - A negative attitude is easy to overcome?



T OR F - It is not important to have proper undergarments?



What are the 3 career paths for image management?

wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and celebrity styling


Are classic styles always cutting edge or never on cutting edge of fashion?

Classic styles can be modernized and updated to be on the cutting edge of fashion but still be seen as classic


Will fewer accessories on the body make you appear bigger or smaller?

Depends on the size of the body and whether the size of the jewelry is proportionate to your sizing or not


What are the 5 design elements?

Form, Shape, and Space


What does the stylist do at a photoshoot?

works with styling and putting the outfits together for the model during the shoot. Stays close to the model during the shoot. Keep an eye out for adjustments that need to be made during the shoot. Provides creative input during the shoot


What does the client do?

The client employs everyone on the shoot. The client pays the bills and is ultimately the one who needs to be pleased with the photoshoot.


Who/What is the talent?

The talent is usually known as the model but can include anyone in front of the lens. The person or item that is being photographed.


What is the photographer?

The photographer is often responsible for hiring the stylists and talent for a shoot. They take photos of the talent. Their opinion during a shoot goes a long way.


What does the assistant stylist do?

A stylist assistant will help the stylist with many duties to prep and carryout a photoshoot etc. Your duties will range from steaming clothing to getting coffee for the crew.


What is a capsule cluster?

a small group of clothing items that can mix and match to create a number of different outfits.


What is prop styling?

Styling props and background objects on the sets of television shows, films, commercials, home-catalog shoots, and magazine shoots


What are cool colours?

blue or blue-red undertones. Colours like pastel pinks, blues, mint greens


What are warm colours?

yellow or orange undertones. Colours like rusts and browns


What are the 3 main areas of fashion styling?

Print Styling
Entertainment Industry ( character styling, wardrobe styling)
Image management


What are the 8 universal styles for clothing?

Romantic Vintage
Rock n Roll
Creative Edgy
Minimalist Modern


What would a dress that has diagonal lines do to a larger body?

Diagonal line tend to direct the eye to a point. They will camouflage flaws by directing the eye elsewhere. Example a women with full hips wearing an A-Line skirt.


What would a vertical line do to a body?

Vertical lines will elongate the areas of which they are worn


What would a horizontal line do to a body?

Horizontal lines tend to widen areas where they are worn. Have to be careful as to where on the body they are worn


Describe and tell why you would use a lifestyle pie

When styling a client, lifestyle pies are helpful to see what occasions they dress for more/less often and how much they wear specific types of clothing. Lifestyle pies will vary depending on the persons career, what kind of lifestyle they live, or how often they attend special occasions


Give me 4 body shapes and describe them

Apple- carries more weight in the torso area. shoulders are often wider than hips
Pear- carry more weight in thighs, hips, bottom, and legs. shoulder is often narrower than hip
Hourglass- have a defined waist with a full chest and full legs. shoulders and hips are same width
Rectangular- similar width in shoulders, waist, hips and thighs. softly straight body lines, no defined waist


Give me 8 articles in the 10 point system + give me the points

Plain shoes = 1 point
A textured fabric = 1 point
Jewelry, watches, rings etc = add an additional point for each colour
Glasses = 1 point
Bag = 1 point if plain, add points for buckles, chains, colours
Nail polish and Makeup = 1 point if it brightly coloured
Hat = 1 point if plain
Hair = 1 point
**** Remember neutrals that don't jump out do not count as points


How would you make a young woman look older with wardrobe?

Put them in more professional career wear such as a structured blazer and traditional dress pants. Use classic colouring.


How would you make an older woman look younger with wardrobe?

Use more bright colouring, tighter/shorter clothing maybe, more youthful and trendy styling


What do you do when trying to style a female client and need high heel shoes but they can't wear them?

Compromise. Maybe try a slight wedge or a shoe with a built in lift or plat form. If not try and use vertical lines to give the illusion of height and lengthen areas


6 famous people and their style characteristics

Audrey Hepburn- Classic, Romantic Vintage
Marilyn Monroe- Romantic, Classic, Glamazon
James Deen- Rock n Roll, Classic
Rihanna- Creative Edgy
Jennifer Aniston- Classic
Reese Witherspoon- Classic
Kat Von D- Rock n Roll
Jennifer Lopez- Glamazon


What does looking at a collar tell you?