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What are the four methods of identifying Suspects?

1) Formal visual identification- ID Parade/ Photo montage
2) Voice identification
3) Finger, palm and footprints/shoeprints
4) Forensic examination- DNA, body tissue, fluids


What are the 7 requirements for conducting a formal procedure?

1) It occurs as soon as practicable after offence is reported
2) suspect compared to no fewer than 7 others and similar in appearance
3) no indication is made to person making the identification about who the suspect is
4) person making the identification is informed that suspect may or may not be in the line up
5) Written record of procedure followed is sworn to be true and complete by the officer and provided in court to judge and defense
6) A pictorial record of what the person making the identification looked at is prepared and certified to be true and complete by the officer who conducted the procedure, and is provided in court to the Judge and
7) complies with any relevant regs (evidence act)


What are 6 good reasons for not following a formal identification procedure?

1) The suspect refuses and Police to hold a photograph that show true likeness.
2) Suspect has a singular appearance (eg burns to face that can't be photoshopped etc)
3) Suspect has changed their appearance substantially after offence and before a formal ID could take place.
4) No officer involved could have reasonably anticipated that identification would be an issue at the trial.
5) An ID was made to an officer soon after offence was reported and in the course of the initial investigation.
6) An ID was made to an officer after a chance meeting between the person who made the ID and the suspect.