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What is Substance Abuse?

Substance Abuse is using a substance in the wrong way for the affect it has on the body. Substance Abuse can lead to life long scars, (Both physical and mental).


Why do people turn to Substance Abuse?

People turn to Substance Abuse of a low self-esteem, peer pressure or to deal with problems that they do not know how to fix.


What forms do drugs come in?

- Injections
- Capsules
- Herbal
- Powder
- Pills


What are the three categories recreational drugs are classified as? (ODS)

1. Opiates
2. Depressants (downers)
3. Stimulants (uppers)


What are opiates? Give an example.

Opiates are drugs that copy the brains feel-good hormones (endorphins). These drugs bring about a state of peaceful Euphoria.
E.g. heroin, morphine, opium


What are depressants? Give an example.

These drugs slow down the messages in the brain and allong the nerves. -reduce emotions, help people feel relaxed and forget their problems.
E.g. alcohol, dagga, solvents


What are stimulants? Give an example.

Thes drugs speed up the messages in the brain and along the nerves. These drugs make people experience things in a more intense manner.
E.g. caffeine, nicotine, tik


What ways can substances be taken? (SSSI)

S- swallowing: (Pill/Liquid)
S- smoking: (drug is smoked and absorbed through bloodstream)
S- snorting: (Snorted/sniffed up nostrils)
I- injections: (drug injected in liquid form into the bloodstream)


What does 'recreational' mean?

Something that is done for pleasure and relaxation.


What does 'Addictive' mean?

A substance that causes a person to become reliant on it. Addiction occurs when people can no longer control their need to escape from their problems and feel they can't cope without the substance.


What does 'Euphoria' mean?

Euphoria is a false feeling of extreme happiness.


What are 'Solvents ?

Liquid substances normally sniffed to cause a 'high'.


Besides the fact that substances can contain addictive ingredients, why else would people end up abusing drugs?

- Because of the feeling it gives them
- pleasure and recreation
- help deal with problems
- addictive personalities (can be inherited)
- binging


Why is alcohol known as the gateway drug?

Alcohole is known as the gateway drug as it lowers ones guard and makes one more vulnerable to try other substances such as recreational drugs.


How can substance abuse affect one?

Substance abuse can affect someones behaviour and physical appearance.


Bonus: ________ contains over 800 dangerous chemicals that can destroy your brain.

DAGGA contains over 800 dangerous chemicals that can destroy your brain.


Give 5 Physical symtoms of Substance Abuse. (WRHSR)

- dramatic Weight loss or gain
- Red glassy eyes
- neglected Hygiene
- odd Smells
- Rash around nose and mouth


Give 5 Behavioural symptoms of Substance Abuse. (FRAMP)

- stopping Activities
- academic Results decline
- new Friends
- Mood swings
- Paranoia


Why are family and old friends first to notice symptoms of substance abuse?

Family and old friends are generally first to notice symptoms of substance abuse because they know the person well and therefor will notice the changes in the persons bahaviour.
Substance abusers generally find new friends and avoid old friends and family because of these reasons. The abuser will find new friends who most likely also use drugs and will not know them enough to be able to spot symptoms.


What are the 3 main influences? (IIC)

• Intrapersonal influences - individual
• Interpersonal influences - relationships with others
• Community and Social influences


Name four 'Intrapersonal influences'

• Personality traits
• Attitudes
• Beliefs
• Genetics


Name three 'Interpersonal influences'

• Family
• Friends and peers
• Situation personally and at home


Name four 'Community & Social influences'

• Cost of substances
• Law enforment
• School rules
• Avertising


How can the economical backround of a person potentialy lead to criminal activity?

If an individual forms an addiction to a substance, and cannot afford to maintain the intake, they will do criminal activity in order to make money to purchase the substance.


Gives five ways you can protect yourself from substance abuse:

Possible answers:
• Choose good friends
• Give and take emotional support
• Have good rolemodels
• Dont beleive everything on TV
• Exercise
• Share your problems with people you trust
• Obey rules set by elders
• Join a social/religious group
• Educate yourself about drugs
• Work on your assertive skills
• Develope social skills
• Don't be tempted to experiment


Why is substance abuse by injection dangerous?

It is dangerous because it can make you take risks such as using someone elses needle, wich could give you HIV.