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Summarize act one scene two

Count Paris asks Lord Capulet for permission to marry his daughter, Juliet. Lord Capulet says that she is too young but gives Paris permission to try and win her heart. He invites Paris to a party he is giving that night. Romeo finds out about the party and discovers that Rosalynn will be there, benvolio urges Romeo to go to the party to see how Rosalynn compares with the other women.


Summarize act one scene three

Just before the party, Juliet's mother asks if Juliet has thought about getting Married. Lady Capulet is trying to convince her daughter that Paris would make a good husband. Juliet responds without much enthusiasm.


Summarize Act One scene four

It is the evening of the Capulet party. Romeo and his friends Mercutio and Benvolio join the crowd. Their masks will prevent them from being recognized as Montague's. Mercutio and Benvolio are in a playful, partying mood, The Romeo is still depressed by his unanswered love for Rosaline. Romeo had a dream that warned him of the harmful consequences of this party. He senses trouble


Summarize act one scene five

Romeo and his friends, disguised in their masks, arrive as uninvited guests. As he watches the dancers, Romeo suddenly sees Juliet and falls in love at first sight. At the same time, Tybalt recognizes Romeos voice and knows he is a Montague. Tybalt alerts lord capulet and threatens to kill Romeo. Lord Capulet, however insists that tybalt behave himself. Promising revenge, tybalt leaves. Romeo and Juliet meet and kiss in the middle of the dance floor. Only after they part do they learn each other's identity.


Summarize act 2 scene 1

Later the evening of the party Romeo returns to the Capulet home alone, hoping for another glimpse of Juliet. He climbs the wall and hides outside in the orchard. Meanwhile benvolio and Mercutio come looking for him but he remains hidden behind the wall. Mercutio makes fun of Romeo and his love sick condition because he thinks he is still in love with Rosaline.


Summarize act two scene two

Juliet appears on the balcony outside her room. She cannot see Romeo who stands in the garden below. Romeo hears juliet as she expresses her love for him despite his family name. Eventually he speaks directly to her and they declare their love for each other. Just before dawn Romeo leaves to make plans for their wedding.


Summarize act two scene threes

Romeo goes to the monastery for friar Lawrence lives. Lawrence is gathering herbs in the early morning. From you tells the priest that he loves Juliet and wants to marry her. The friar is amazed that Romeo has forgotten about Rosaline so easily. He suggests that Romeo might be acting in haste. Eventually he agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet, hoping that the marriage will end the feud between their families.


Summarize act two scene four

Hours after his meeting with fire Lawrence, Romeo Mercutio in the street. He's excited and happy. Mercutio makes fun of tybalt and teases Romeo. The nurse comes to carry a message from Romeo to Juliet. Romeo tells her that Juliet should meet him at friar Lawrence's cell for their secret marriage ceremony.


Summarize act 2 scene 5

Juliet is a nervous wreck, having waited for more than three hours for the nurse to return. When the nurse does arrive, she simply won't come to the point. Juliet gets more and more upset, until the nurse finally reveals the wedding arrangements


Summarize act 2 scene 6

Friar Laurence warns Romeo to be more sensible in his love for Juliet. When she arrives, the two confess their love to each other and prepare to be married by friar Laurence.


Summarize act one scene one

Two Capulet's servants are joking and bragging when they happen to meet servants from the rival house of Montague, and arguments begins that becomes an ugly street fight. Prince Escalus appears, he is angry about the violence in Verona and warns that the next offenders will receive the death penalty. Romeo is depressed that Rosaline doesn't love him back