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Define the term support

Support is used to Denote the resistance to vertical forces exerted on the denture. Vertical forces arise from functionally generated forces through mastication and clinching and grimding in the absence of food


Where are all forces ultimately transmitted

To bone via the mucosa


What are the masticatory forces loads that natural teeth can encounter and what are maximum masticatory forces for a complete denture

20kg for natural teeth
6-8kg for a complete denture


Which of the following mucosa are keratinized, non keratinized
And partially keratinized
Buccal mucosa
Floor for the mouth
Ridge mucosa

Buccal mucosa - partially keratinized
Floor of mouth- non keratinized
Both of these are not firmly attached to bone
Attached ridge mucosa- keratinized


What compromises oral mucosa even more to withstand masticatory forces even more

Systemic states and disturbances of metabolism such as
Nutritional deficiencies


How does an uneven ridge affect the function of a denture

It affects the resistance and loading forces especially lateral forces


What are the 3 ways in which a material can react when a load is applied to it

An elastic material will displace immediately and immediately return to original form
When viscous substances such as oils are subjected to loads they are gradually displaced and reach resting state and don't recover after removing load
A combination of these two effects occur in a viscolasti materials


What are the clinical considerations oral mucosa

Oral mucosa has limitations for providing support for dentures that one must try to reduce the occlusal load per unit area as much as possible


List the 7 ideal qualities for a denture base material

1-vv have a variable consistency under variable mouth conditions
2-selective resiliency with tissues
3-resiliance with quick recovery- recover after force removed
4-compress on tissues but rigid on occlusal side
5-shock absorbing
6-reduce forces transmitted through base onto tissue
7-flexibility that can be controlled


What are the primary stress bearing areas on the upper denture

Residual ridge and hard palate


What is a secondary site of support in the upper denture



What can be relieved in the upper denture

Incisive papillae bc it covers nerves and blood vessels
The midpalatal suture to prevent rocking denture


Why is the lower denture less suitable for primary support

Bone beneath the mucosa is cancellous and the crest bone resorbs unevenly


What area on the loweer denture beating base is made of smooth corticle bone

Buccal shelf


What kind of epi covers the retromolar pad areas

Non keratinized


What are the primary support areas of the lower denture

Buccal shelf and crest of ridge


What are the secondary support areas of the lower dentur

Crest of ridge and slopes of ridge


What should be relieved on lower

Flabby ridges, unfav boney contours and for retromolar pads