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2 types of support payments

Spousal support child support



  • spousal support is TAXABLE to person receiving
  • tax DEDUCTION for person paying


is CHILD SUPPORT taxable?

  • child support payments are NOT TAXABLE AND NOT TAX DEDUCTION (after april 1997)
  • when reporting support payments on return- DO NOT include amount paid that are more than required in the specified order (i.e pocket money, gifts, etc..)


id martial status chan ged mid year, what happens to support payments?

  • if made support paym ents for a child and you were seperated from  spouse for PART of the eyar, can claims whichever if more beneficial
    • any deductible support amounts paid for  the eyar
    • any applicable non refundable tax credit you qualify for


Suopport payment 5 conditions (for spouse ?)

  1. based opn court order/wri tten agreement
  2. ex spouse must be living at a different home when breakdown occurs
  3. payment is made to help with cost of living
  4. payment must be made regularly
  5. payments have to be made from individual to former spouse