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What are the bare area of the liver?

the diaphragmatic surface
Superior middle portion of the liver


WhaT impression is found on the left and quadrate lobe of the liver?

gastric impression


What is found on the right liver of the lobe?

suprarenal impression
renal impression
colic impression
duodenal impression


What is the diaphragmatic surface of the liver is covered with?

Visceral peritoneum (except for bare area)
Coronary ligament
right triangular ligament
left triangular ligament
groove for vena cava


What part on the visceral side is not covered with peritoneum?

fossa for gallbladder
porta hepatis
right sagital fissure
left sagital fissure
porta hepatis


what is the porta hepatis?

fossa for portal triad


What was the ligamentum venous?

remnant of the ductus venous
shunt blood from the umbilical vein to IVC bypassing the liver


What is the round ligament?

also known as the ligamentum teres
it is remenate of the umbilical vein


What is the right sagital fissure?

superior- groove for IVC on visceral side
inferior -fossa for gall bladder


What is in the left sagital fissure?

superior - ligamentum venosum
inferior - round ligament (umbilical vein)


What are a lll the ligaments of the liver?

right/left coronary ligament
right triangular ligament
left triangular ligament
falciform ligamen
ligamentm venosum
ligamentum teres