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Where does the liver, gallbladder and billiard system arise from?

biliary duct systems arise from the hepatic diverticulum


What does the hepatic diverticulum divides into?

This divides into 2 parts: Cranial and caudal.


What does the cranial diverticulum form?

Is the larger part
Forms the primordium of the liver.


What does the caudal diverticulum form?

the smaller part.
Forms the gallbladder


What does the stalk of the diverticulum for?

Stalk of the diverticulum
Forms the cystic duct


how is the bile duct formed?

Stalk connecting the hepatic and cystic ducts


Were does the bile duct attach during development?

This attaches to the ventral aspect of the duodenal loop and is carried to the dorsal aspect of the duodenum during rotation.