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What are the contents of the boat crew survival best?

-Emergency signaling mirror
-signal whistle
-marine smoke and illumination signal
-illumination signal kit
-distress signal kit
-survival knife
-personal locator beacon (PLB)


What is the emergency signaling mirror used for?

Is used to attract the attention of passing aircraft, boats, or ground rescue teams by reflecting light at them


What are some characteristics of the signal whistle?

-Can be herd up to 1,100 yards/1,000 meters
-Has no ball so the whistle can be used if wet


How long does each end of the MK-124 burn for?

20 seconds


How would you be able to tell which end of the MK-124 is the night end if it is dark?

The night end is ribbed


What is the night end distress signal?

Red flare


What is the day end distress signal?

Orange smoke


What are the contents of the MK 79 signal kit?

-7 screw in cartridge flares
- 1 pencil type projector


What is the altitude of the MK 79 flares and how long do they burn for?

Altitude of 250-650 feet and burn for a minimum time of 4.5 seconds


What is the luminous intensity of the MK 79?

12,000 candlepower


How long will the distress signal light (firefly) flash for?

9 hours continuously or 18 hours intermittently


How many flashes per minute does the distress signal light flash for and what is it's candlepower?

-approximately 50 flashes per minute
-100,000 candlepower


What are some characteristics of the survival knife?

-has a blunt tip
-made of corrosion resistant material


What is the personal locator beacon (PLB) able to transmit on?

-406 MHz
-122.5 MHz