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Back headache belongs to ___ meridian.



LI meridian indicates ___ diseases.

Fluid generating


Difficulty with shoulder abduction?

Hand Jueyin sinew channel


Limited motion of the knee joints, impotence

Foot Jueyin sinew channel


Extensor tendon spasm of the fourth toe radiating to the lateral knee
Facial paralysis & spasm

Foot Shaoyang sinew channel


Facial paralysis and spasm, curling spasm of the tongue

Hand Shaoyang sinew channel


Arching back spasm Inversion of the ankle

Foot Shaoyin sinew channel


Pain and spasm of the small toe with limited extension, eversion of the ankle
-muscular spasm in the popliteal fossa -arching spasm of the back
-decreased rotation of the neck

Foot Taiyang sinew channel


Scapular pain, back side of the ear, facial paralysis

Hand Taiyang sinew channel


Spasm and decreased range of motion of the little finger

Hand Shaoyin sinew channel


Deep pain in the spinal cord

Foot Taiyin sinew channel (Only Taiyin sinews connect with genitals and umbilicus)


Deviation (due to paralysis) of the mouth and eyes, paralysis of the lower eyelid, pain and spasm connecting the spinal column, back and legs

Foot Yangming sinew channel


Limited rotation of the neck. (Stiff neck)

Hand Yangming sinew channel (Tx with acupuncture, massage and poultice )


Hematemesis. (Vomiting of Blood)—because there is severe coughing and coughing can cause stomach qi rising

Hand Taiyin sinew channel


Gallbladder channel/organ disease

Shi Dong: bitter tastes in mouth, frequent belching, pain in the ribs
Suo Sheng: headache, goiters, chills, fevers


Shidong bing

When channel is disturbed


Suosheng bing

When organ is disturbed


foot shaoyin kidney meridian/organ disease

Shi Dong: hungry but does not desire to eat
Suo sheng: hot sensation in mouth, dry tongue, swollen throat, anxiety in the heart, pain in the spine, foot is hot and painful


foot taiyang bladder meridian/organ disease

Shi Dong: pain rushes to the head, spine is painful, loins feel as if broken,
hips are unable to bend, calf feels as if it were separated, "jue of ankle"
Suo Sheng: This channel controls the sinews and indicate the diseases which arise from it: "piles" hemorrhoids, pain in the top of the head and in the nape of neck


hand taiyang small intestine channel/organ disease

Shi Dong: throat is sore, chin & jaws are swollen, neck is stiff and immobile,
shoulder feels as if pulled apart, upper part of arm feels broken
Suo Sheng: Indicated Body viscous (YE fluids), Pain in neck and shoulder


hand shaoyin heart channel/organ

Shi Dong: throat is dry (b/c channel passes through neck) and the heart is painful.
Suo Sheng: eyes are yellow, ribs hurt, upper arm is painful & cold (precipitation of heart attack), Center of palm is hot and painful


foot taiyin spleen channel/organ disease

Shi Dong: rigid tongue
swelling of abd. , frequent regurgitation, entire body heaviness
Suo sheng: tongue is painful, the body is unable to move or swing
watery stools, yellow jaundice


foot yangming stomach channel/organ

Shi Dong: feel sick from fire & hearing tones resonant to wood
desire to climb heights & cast off one's clothes while walking outside
swelling around shinbone


Hand yangming large intestine channel/organ

Shi Dong: toothaches & swelling of the neck
Suo Sheng: yellow eyes
Body fluids (jin) generate disease


Hang Taiyin Lung channel/organ disease

Shi Dong: gasping and coughing
Suo Shang: Urination is frequent but scanty
Sparse Qi is in accord with an insufficiency of breathing


Foot Taiyang Dz indicated, Sxs

Diseases indicated: Sinews (passes through many big muscles)
Sx: waist-spine pain, malaria, vertex pain


Foot Shaoyang Dz indicated, Sxs

Diseases indicated: Bone
Sx: Rib-side pain, head, corner-side pain, joints pain


Foot Yangming Dz indicated, Sxs

Diseases indicated: Blood
Sx: Abd. distention, epitaxis, deviate mouth, throat impediment


Hand Taiyang Dz indicated, Sxs

Diseases indicated: Liquid-Ye
Sx: Deafness, yellow eyes, sore throat


Hand Shaoyang Dz indicated, Sxs

Diseases indicated: Qi
Sx: Deafness, throat impediment, sweating


Yangwei's illness is:

chills & fever


Yinwei's illness is:

suffering of pain in the heart


Yinqiao's disorder is:

Yang's flaccid & Yin's spasm;
too much cold in the yinqiao channels


Yangqiao's disorder is:

Yin's flaccid & Yang's spasm;
yang was affected by cold and yin channel has heat