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What is the purpose of anti-bumping granules

Allows the liquid to boil more gently


Why is reflux used

Liquid reaction mixture needs boiling for a while Vapours condense and return to flask Avoids loss of reaction mixture


Describe the procedure of reflux

Reactants into pear shaped flask Add anti-bumping granules Attach a condenser vertically to the the flask Cold water in condenser cools vapour Heat flask so mixture boils


Describe the procedure of purification using a separating funnel

Run organic layer into conical flask If acidic impurities are present add NaHCO3 and shake If crude product is alkaline add dilute acid until mixture is neutral Dry crude product by adding a drying agent (anhydrous Na2SO4) and swirling Pure product can be obtained by distillation


Why is distillation used

Separate a mixture of miscible liquids with unique boiling points Heating the mixture, each pure component is vaporised, condensed and collected


Describe the process of distillation

Put mixture into pear shaped flask Add anti-bumping granules Heat mixture until it boils Collect pure product with conical flask


Define volatility

How easy the liquid can vaporise