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(5 signs)

I. Hutchinson's teeth - notched permanent upper incisors 2.Rhagades- fissuresorcracksatedgeofmouth
3. Saddle nose deformity - bridge ofnose flattened
4. Sabre blade tibia
5. Interstitialkeratitis- produces visual changes.
Deafness can also be associated, but not always


Acquired "3" stages. organism = Treponema pallidum

primary - hard singular painless nodule (chancre) on perineum
secondary - maculopapular rash and condylomata lata (flat warts on the vulva)
latency - may or may not have symptoms
tertiary - tabes dorsalis, aortic aneurysm, gummas inclusion body in CNS
argyll roberston pupuil, aka prostitute's pupil, not react to light, but constricts on accommodation


tonic pupi dilation (Mydriasis) clue to injury to CNIII Edinger Westphal nucleus.

Adie's pupil


Tonic u ii constriction due to injury to sympathetic cervical gangila