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TOF- Tactical options Framework
Safety is Success

tool to assist with what tactical framework to use


What is TENR?

THREAT- Any Individual /groups/ acts/ anything likely to cause harm or that have potential to hinder police in the performance of their duties.
THREAT is assessed. Capability, intent, Opportunity in Environment.


E- Exposure- potential for harm to people or the security of places of things
WHO/WHAT is exposed to threat? WHAT is potential for harm.
Awareness of safety, security, public trust, issues

N-Necessity -is there a need for the operation or intervention to proceed now, Later or not at all.
R- Response- Proportionate and timely execution of police duties aided by the appropriate use of tactics and tactical options.


What is Percieved Cumulative Assessmen(PCA) ?

Your subjective assessment and reassessment using TENR based on info known about the situation and subjects behaviour.


Consider background info from......

-Comms, type, location, time, distance.
- Number of subjects and constables involved
- Your own abilities (Size, physical attributes, skills, knowledge, experience)
- Info about subject QP, QPR- emotions, access to firearms
-Previous experiences
-Environmental conditions.


What is complacency?

Sense of contentment, over confidence, coupled with lack of awareness of danger, trouble or controversy.


What is reasonable force?

Includes force that is necessary and proportionate, given all the known circumstances at the time.


What is necessarily and Proportionality?

Necessarily - need to intervene/ act and when
Proportionality- The force used must be proportional to the threat offered.


What is "Shows force?"
What is " Uses force?"

Shows force- Presenting a tactical option at a subject
Uses- The application of force on a subject


Tactical Options Report- When should it be submitted?

- Report to supervisor
-When in execution of duty a constable or authorized officer SHOWS or USES resonable force on any person regardless of whether they have been arrested of not.


Show of ....

TASER(Presentation, laser painting or arcing)



-Communication but only when used with one of more tactical options below and only first time it is used:
- Metal or plastic handcuffs :with pain compliance, without pain compliance are used with another tactical option.
- any other mechanical restraint (spit hood, leg restraints, vehicle. )
-OC Spray
-A Baton
-Weapon of opportunity
-A police dog when subject is bitten
- Empty hand techniques excluding touching, escorting, lifting, guiding, pushing where a person doesn't fall down.
-Communication but only when used with one of more tactical options below and only first time it is used


What should be in a TOR?

-Reference to TOF
-full details of incident
- degree and type of force used
- if restraining hold- what type, nature
-injuries suffered by the person whom the force was used
-medical treatment provided
- any injury to the police officer involved.


legal authority to use force
Crimes Act, Policing Act, Search and surveillance

Crimes Act
section 39,40, 41, 48, 62


Policing Act
Section 32, 33

Section 32- Allows force to be used to OBTAIN Details such as fingerprints, footprints, photos, biological details from people in lawful custody and detained for committing and offence.
Section 33- same as above but for people suspected of committing offences and there is an intention to proceed against them by issuing a summons.


Search and Surveillance act, 2012

Section 11
Section 125(i) e- Reasonable force may be used to remove money and property from a person in lawful police custody, who is to be locked up in police custody.