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What legislation covers tail docking

AHWA Scot 2006 - amendments regulations 2017


What does the legislation cover

Prohibition of mutilations - interference with sensitive tissues or bone structure


What exceptions exist for mutilation

When carried out for medical tx
Permitted by specific regs. - Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (exemptions) Scotland regs. 2007


What does PPPA exemptions Scotland regs permit (4) and what else does it specify

Mutilations for reasons of:
Long-term welfare
Animal management benefits
Control of reproduction
ID purposes

Includes additional requirements on how procedures should be performed


Requirements which must be met for non-therapeutic tail docking under PPPA 2007 (6)

Carried out by VS
Spaniel/hunt, point, retrieve breeds
No older than 5 days
No more than end 3rd
VS must certify that has seen specified evidence that dog likely to be used for work in connection to lawful animal shooting
VS must issue signed certificate


What evidence is permissible to prove that dog will be working in lawful shooting of animals

Shotgun licence of owner
Landowner/gamekeeper letter stating that dog being used for this purpose on their land


Specifications of tail docking certificate (8)
What happens to certificate

Signed by VS and owner
Certified dog less that 5 days old
State breed & type
Sex, colour & description
Microchip number of dog or dam

Owner keeps original
Practice keeps copy for at least 5yrs


Variations in English legislation (3)

Includes terriers
No specification of tail length
No certificate required


Which other act covers tail docking and what does it specify

Veterinary surgeons act 1966
Must be carried out by VS