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Main principle and provisions (4)

Only VS may practise veterinary surgery
-providing advice based on diagnosis
-medical or surgical treatment
-surgical operations


What does schedule 3 amendment 2002 allow

Anyone can give first aid
RVN can:
Admin medical tx or minor sx (not entering body cavity) UVD


Provisions of schedule 3 re. RVNs (4)

Animal must be under care of VS
Tx carried out UVD
VS must be employer or acting on behalf of
Must be satisfied RVN qualified and competent


Who is an SVN
What can they do under this legislation & provisions re. This (3)

Someone enrolled for purpose of training as VN at an approved training and assessment centre & approved TP
Same as RVN
- must be carried out during training
- must be supervised by VS/RVN
- for sx, supervision must be direct, continuous and personal


Examples of procedure which can be carried out by nurses (6)

Collect samples
Take x-rays
Admin of treatments
Cleaning and dressing surgical wounds
Assist in admin and termination of anaesthesia

*plus more but fuck it


Regarding anaesthesia, only a vet can...(4)

Assess fitness of animal
Select and plan suitable anaesthetic regime
Select any premed
Admin induction incrementally or to effect


Regarding anaesthesia, a nurse can...(4)

Administer peri-operative drugs
Admin non-incremental anaesthetic agents
Monitor and record
Maintain under direct supervision

*vs must be physically present & directing