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Image #2


People in poor harsh conditions living in shacks are juxtaposed with tall looming power lines and the industrial power station they live among.

Raises questions as to why these people are living in this location in these despicable conditions.

Implies these people weren't included in the development of this region and were left the suffer the consequences and rear end of progress


Image #3

Superimposed quote
"Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards"

Irony found in this quote adds an interesting aspect to the image and evokes further emotions and turmoil in the viewer.


Essay #1: personal anecdote

"When I first lived among the Ladakhis in the early 1970s, they enjoyed piece of mind... They had control over their own lives."

Causes the reader to feel more inclined to trust the author and see her as someone of experience and knowledge of the issues

Later contrasted with "...people began to feel powerless to make decisions in their own lives."

Creates feeling of helplessness as we see these people losing their own sense of independence by a factor outside of their control.

Positive ideas about development are challenged and the idea that we need to put an end to the way western countries impose themselves on others is reinforced.


Essay #2: Figurative Language

"...watched as external forces have descended on the Ladakhis like an avalanche, causing massive and widespread disruption."

Use of simile here serves purpose of creating a feeling of uneasiness in the reader.

Positions reader to view these 'external forces' aka the western world as something monstrous, destructive, as something to be feared.

Appeals to reader through this comparison of Avalanche to the impact that occurred to the Ladakhis.


Essay #3 Use of inclusive language



Image: #1

Use of colour
Image is in grayscale

Further adds to the feeling of dreariness and makes represented conditions seem worse

Can assume that it's an older photo due to grayscale - meaning the problems depicted in the photo are have been around for a long time and further reinforces the need to take action

Supports the idea of development and progress in these underdeveloped countries not being beneficial for everyone