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List 3 environmental problems Christians might be concerned about.

3 OF: Deforestation, flooding, animal extinction, re-neuable energy/fossil fuels, hunting/killing animals for sport or fur.


How should Christians be dealing with environmental problems?

Re-cylcle, save water, use less energy, pray, get involved with govermet or science to change things.


What does the 1988 Papal Encyclical tell Christians about the environment?

"we have the responsibility to create a [balance] between consumption and conservation"


What does the bible say about animals in relation to humans?

Humans were made after animals on the sixth day.


What do many Christians believe humans have and animals do not and why?

a soul, because God "breathed into his nostirls the breath of life" and man was made imago dei "in the image of God male and female he created them"


What quotes show Humans having power over animals?

"He brought them to the man to see what he would name them" "rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air?"


Why might Christians say animal testing is acceptable?

God gave us the knowlege to create the technology to do so it is okay.Because it can help to prolong human life which is more important as humans have souls and the sancity of life says all human life is sacred and God given. It can also help to prevent human suffering and imporve the quality of our lives.


Why should Christians deal with environmental problems?

Because humans have dominion and stewardship of the earth and the creed enphasises God's role of creator therefore we should protect other creatures and the earth, God said in genesis when the world was created "it was good" we should preserve this.


Quotes to support dealing with environmental problems

"maker of heaven and earth and all that is seen and unseen" "it was good" "Life is more than food and the body more than clothes"


Why might Christians argue animals have souls?

St Francis of Assisi believed that animals were of the "same source as [himself]" Christians might follow his beliefs. The bible does not specifically say that animals do not have souls. God created" all that is seen and unseen" so therefore all is sacred and God given animals could have souls- are of the same importance as humans.