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identify three characteristics of iroquoian society?

Iroquoian society was sedentary, relied on agriculture, and was matriarchal.


Describe the roles of iroquoian women.

Iroquoian women lived in matriarchal society: The women chose the man who would be chief of the clan. Women in iroquois society were also responsible for agriculture : The grew corn, beans,pumpkin ans squash.


What did jacques cartier succeed in achieving on his three voyages of exploration?

Jacque cartier succedded in claiming land for the kind of france and mapping the st lawrence river valley


what were the consequences of the fur trade on the Amerindians of north america

The Indians became more and more dependent on European goods such as wool, clothes, iron pots, and guns. The Indian tribes also became more disorganized as they abandoned their traditional way of life.


In1663 king louis XIV established royal government in new france . What were the responsibilities of the intendant?

The intendant was responsible for the budget of new france: he collected taxes and controlled how money was spent. The intendant was also responsible for granting seigneuries, building roads , organizing trade as well as supervising the justice system


in 1663 king louis XIV established royal government in new france. What were the responsibilities of the governor

The governor was the kings representative in new france. He commanded the military and was responsible for defending the colony. The governor was also responsible for diplomatic relations with the indian nations and the english colonies.


What did jean talon do to try to promote the diversification of new Frances economy?

Jean talon started new industries like hat-making ship building barrel making and tanning. He also improved farming be encouraging crops that could be sold like flax hemp barely and hops


Why did jean talon try to promote the economic diversity of new france?

To stimulate the economy of new france and to encourage immigrants from france to settle in the colony


Why did jean talon fail in his effort to promote the economic development of new france

Jean talon failed because the fur trade was too profitable and france continued to pursue mercantilist policies that restricted the growth of new industries in its colony. Jean talon also failed because the local market of goods was too small and skilled workers were scarce


What was the purpose of the seigneurial system

The purpose of the seigneurial system was to encourage immigrants from france to settle in new france and to ensure the permanent settlement of the colony


Describe new france at the end of the french regime (1750s)

New france was governed by an intendant and a governor. Furs were still the major export of the colony. The roman catholic church was responsible for providing education and health care. The colony of new france had an immense territory but a very small population.