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What are technical textiles?

Textile materials and products that are manufactured for their technical and performance properties


Conductive fabrics

Conductive fabrics either have:
- conductive fibres woven into them
- conductive powders impregnated into them
Conductive fabrics are often called electronic textiles or e-textiles


Fire resistant fabrics

Nomex used to make firefighter suits
Thickens when heated to protect the wearer
Other useful properties:
- Flexible to allow movement
- Lightweight
- Flame resistant
- Breathable
- Durable
- Abrasion resistant
By law in children's nightwear and cotton/viscous furnishings



Very light polymer material
Tensile strength over 8 times that of steel
Doesn't melt
Used in extreme temperatures
• -196 °C to 450 °C
Resists attacks from many different chemicals
Uses of Kevlar:
• bulletproof vests
• face masks
• motorcycle safety clothing


What are microfibres?

Very thin synthetic fibres
Polymide and polyester are micro fibres used in sportswear and lingerie
Bigger surface area
Tencel microfiber used in shirts



Some micro fibres incorporate microencapsulation
Fibres hold chemicals in tiny capsules which gradually break
Releases chemicals like perfume, insecticides or antiseptics
•outdoor clothing - repels bugs
•scented fabrics - clothing and soft furniture