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How should you check a student's prop usage in LC/FD? (Mar/Apr 17)

Place your hand behind her shoulder blades and her thighs and see if she can bend more forward at her waist.

If she CAN bend forward at her waist, she's flexible enough to do curl without mats but may not be strong enough to do so. Have her keep holding on, and if she still can't maintain it, give her more mats.

If she CANNOT bend forward at her waist (tight back or body proportions that make her have a heavier torso),


Where is the best place to observe prop placement from in LC/FD? (Mar/Apr 17)

On profile


What should you look for on someone's body to determine if their props are in the right place in LC/FD? (Mar/Apr 17)

They should be bending at their waist (lowest rib), Short students may look like mats are too close and students with long waists may look like the mats are too far back.


When can you teach spider planks, and what are the restrictions for which exercises it can't be taught after? (Mar/Apr 17)

Can be taught during the pushup section of warm-up, after curl, and between curl sets.

Do not teach spider plank immediately before or after clam, straight leg clam, L-shape leg walks or leg dancing to avoid overusing the hip flexors in two exercises consecutively.

Because of these restrictions, spider plank does not suffice as a rest for the neck.


TRUE OR FALSE: students can flex their feet in RPUs. (Mar/Apr 17)

True; it does not impact the effectiveness of the exercise.


In a plank, what two body parts are most important for alignment? (Jan/Feb 16)

Ribs and pelvis


What is the consequence of sinking hips in a plank? (Jan/Feb 16)

The arch that develops in your back puts strain on your lower back


Why don't we want students doming their upper backs in blank? (Jan/Feb 16)

It takes away any engagement in the upper back muscles and pecs and puts strain on the shoulders


Pushups are considered a ____ exercise, while planks are considered a ____ exercise. (Jan/Feb 16)

Pushups are a MOBILITY exercise and planks are a STABILITY exercise


When students go too low in pushups, their scapulas wing. Why is this bad? (Jan/Feb 16)

There will be SOME movement in the scapulas and that's fine, but winging means you've lost the contraction in your back muscles, and you're potentially straining your back as well as your shoulders.


How can you modify chair lunges? (Jan/Feb 16)

Students can work up higher or stay in chair


TRUE OR FALSE: You should square hips in diagonal seat. (Jan/Feb 17)

False. If hips are overly open, adjust position using ribcage.


In diagonal seat, which hip should be higher - working hip or standing hip? (Jan/Feb 17)



If a student can barely lift her leg into a diagonal position, what is she probably doing? (Jan/Feb 17)

Over-tucking. Fix this by doing a basic untuck then a swoosh to lower the torso and lift the leg


True or false: you can use a two-handed tuck in diagonal seat (Jan/Feb 17)

False. The upper body is not fixed. Use a basic or bear hug then a postural adjustment.


What are the required stretches for kneeling seat? (Jan/Feb 17)

Kneeling hamstring stretch after regular kneeling seat; half lotus after GM kneeling seat


TRUE OR FALSE: You can split chair lunges. (Jan/Feb 17)



Which weights should students use for hammer curl presses? (Jan/Feb 17)

Light or heavy (just like BELs)


How should you start hammer curl presses? (Jan/Feb 17)

2-count BELs


How do you modify hammer curl presses? (Jan/Feb 17)

No weights, or students with severe shoulder issues can bring their elbows by their side for the biceps curl part of the exercise


What are the tempo restrictions for hammer curl presses? (Jan/Feb 17)

2 counts only


Which weights should you use for shoulder rotations? (Jan/Feb 17)

Light or heavy


When can you do shoulder rotations? (Jan/Feb 17)

Immediately following BELs or SWs, or after BCs or LPs


How do you modify shoulder rotations? (Jan/Feb 17)

Use light or no weights, or for students with rotator cuff or deltoid injuries, they can keep their elbows at their sides and rotate out only as much as is comfortable (slightly less than a lat pull position)


What is the foot position for setting up chair lunges? (Jan/Feb 16)

Parallel only. No ball.


What is the benefit of shoulder rotations? (Jan/Feb 17)

Targets the rotator cuff to strengthen the back of your shoulder while stretching chest muscles


In which position(s) can you do hammer curl presses? (Jan/Feb 17)

Parallel only


What's the maximum number of shoulder rotations you can give? (Jan/Feb 17)

15 "slow"


In which position(s) can you do shoulder rotations? (Jan/Feb 17)

Parallel or second position


Which exercises can you combine shoulder rotations with? (Jan/Feb 17)

BELs or lat pulls at the beginning, middle, or end. If you combine with BELs, must be done in parallel. Can also be given by itself after BELs or SWs.


In foldover, where should the working knee be aligned?
(July/Aug 16)

The shoulder


TRUE OR FALSE: In standing seat, waterski seat, and kneeling seat, it's okay for the working leg to be slightly in front of the hip. (July/Aug 16)



What is the farthest back someone's knee should be behind their hip in pretzel? (July/Aug 16)

1 inch


What is the modification for spider pushups? (July/Aug 16)

Stay on hands and knees and do 2-count push ups


What tempo can you do spider pushups at? (July/Aug 16)

2 count or on tempo (advanced only)


What is the maximum number of spider pushups you can give? (July/Aug 16)

5 on each side


TRUE OR FALSE: You may alternate sides in spider pushups. (July/Aug 16)

True, for advanced clients only


TRUE OR FALSE: Second position lunges can be done on profile. (July/Aug 16)

True! Looks fun and different, try it! You start facing in then rotate to on profile and hold the bar with inside hand and outside hand goes on waist.


For which sets of thigh can you teach second position lunges? (July/Aug 16)

First or second set


TRUE OR FALSE: You can split sets in second position lunges. (July/Aug 16)

True, but you have to start with it as your first set if you do so you don't end with it.


TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach second position lunges from releve. (July/Aug 16)

True, but students have to lower their front heel first. They can start with one or both heels up, or both heels down.


What is the maximum length of floor zinger? (July/Aug 16)

1 min per side


What is the benefit of raising your opposite arm in floor zinger? (July/Aug 16)

Engages obliques


If you do floor zinger after pretzel, what's the order of stretches? (July/Aug 16)

Pretzel, optional hip/waist stretch, floor zinger, half lotus, waist stretch, low back stretch


What's the order of setup cues in floor zinger? (July/Aug 16)

Lift your leg, straighten it, turn out, slide 6-8 inches over


If someone has sensitive knees, how should they modify floor zinger? (July/Aug 16)

Keep doing the original seat work that came before it (pretzel or whatever else)


In general, you can choose to do floor zinger after side one of seat or after both sides of seat work. This is not the case for one exercise. Which exercise, and what is the order you should do things in? (July/Aug 16)

Arabesque. You must do both sides of arabesque with a pull-away stretch immediately after each side, followed by floor zinger on both sides, then the half lotus stretch after both sides have been completed to save time.


What are the tempo restrictions for knee dancing? (July/Aug 16)

On tempo movements back only; can do pulse tempo tucks


In which three thigh positions can you give static balances? (July/Aug 16)

Parallel, zipped, and second position thigh (heels down or on releve)


Which kind of postural adjustment should you use in high curl? (Mar/Apr 16)

WYMD. Shark bite is causing students to unbend at their waist (though you CAN give it if you need to).


Which "handle" should you use to adjust students who are too high or too low in foldover and arabesque? (Mar/Apr 16)

Rib cage


TRUE OR FALSE: Hips should be level in arabesque and foldover. (Mar/Apr 16)

False. Look at contraction of glutes.


TRUE OR FALSE: You can alternate direction of curls in straight leg clam oblique version. (May/Jun 16)



What are some reasons that someone may be untucked in diagonal seat? (May/Jun 16)

Leg too high or standing knee not soft


How should you position a riser for students using it in floor zinger? (Nov/Dec 16)

Diamond; student places hands on outside corners


How can you modify roundback for someone with a neck issue? (Nov/Dec 16)

Place a riser mat vertically against the wall to create space between student's head and the wall


How should you modify foldover for petite students when there are no stall bars left? (Nov/Dec 16)

Diagonal seat


How do you know when students have shifted their weight far enough over towards their working knee in floor zinger? (Sept/Oct 16)

Supporting hip should be aligned over knee. They may need to open their hands wider to do this


TRUE OR FALSE: Students can work with their leg above hip height in floor zinger. (Sept/Oct 16)

False; this causes students to work their backs rather than their glutes.


What type of thigh position are second position lunges? (Sept/Oct 16)



TRUE OR FALSE: You should cue students to come lower in second position thigh. (Sept/Oct 16)

False; this is a very personalized position


What are the four key points of alignment in second position lunges? (Sept/Oct 16)

Back knee under hip
Legs hip width apart
Front knee over ankle
Shoulders over hips


How should students modify the second position part of second position lunges? (Sept/Oct 16)



TRUE OR FALSE: If you teach second position lunges in a releve position, it counts as a low heeled set. (Sept/Oct 16)



TRUE OR FALSE: You can teach spider pushups and spider plank in the same class. (Sept/Oct 16)



When in class can you teach spider pushups? (Sept/Oct 16)

Only during warm up


How do you modify spider pushups? (Sept/Oct 16)

Students with wrist issues may hold onto weights; those on their knees or at the bar should keep doing pushups at whatever tempo the spider pushups are being done