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5 markers

Briefly describe


2 points briefly explained

1 mark for each valid example identified,
2-3 marks for any examples that are described or explained.


7 markers
Explain how factors
Explain why


Explains more than one point

E.G ‘The Mormons faced difficulties because they
were so successful wherever they went and
this caused resentment among everyone else.
When they were in Kirtland they worked hard
and soon owned most of the businesses in the
town like the bank and the shops. They soon
outnumbered the gentiles. This made the
gentiles afraid the Mormons were taking over
and caused violence against the Mormons.
When they moved to Missouri they soon
became successful again. The Mormon church
was able to buy more and more land.’


8 markers
Who is more important
‘was the most important’ How far do you agree


Explains more than one point
Supports/provides an argument
Compares the importance

‘Notice how the candidate has explained several specific
reasons why both these factors were
important. The answer is packed with
impressive contextual knowledge to support
the arguments. The candidate does not just
tell a story. The answer analyses and even considers an overall conclusion.’