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Jethro Tull

Seed drill
Could be pulled by horses planted seeds nicely in rows and was much faster and less wasteful than other methods


Lord Townsend

Crop rotation
Made agriculture more profitable and found that growing was easier


John Kay

Flying shuttle
Ankle weaving much faster and aloud large looms to operate by only 1 person


James Hargreaves

Spinning Jenny
Aloud a spinner to spin off a number of threads at the same time
It was way faster and made it so only one person had to operate the machine


Richard Arkwright

Water frame
A way of spinning yarn using rollers helped the strength of the yarn be spun and was even faster then the spinning Jenny


Samuel Compton

To improve the spinning process combined the best features of the water drone and the spinning Jenny


James watt

Double rotating steem engine
With more practice and effeicient with the power of little waste used first to pump out water out of the mines they engine could dry machines


Abraham Darby

Cast iron
Easier cheaper to produce
Could be used for pots and pans and to hold up bridges


George and Robert Stephenson

The rocket could pull a train at the unheard peed of 39 in per hour


James macadam

Gravel and Tarmac
Three layers of graded stone with the largest stones at the bottom and fine granite gravel roads would shed water bwacaue of the sides the roads slopped away fro the centre
It mad transportation easier and quicker