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What are factors mitigating risk?

Warning and emergency response systems

Economic wealth


Hazard engineering


How can governance affect vulnerability?

Meeting basic needs:good food water and health the population is more physically able to cope

Land use planning can prevent habituation of high risk areas(liquefaction)

Environmental management
Landslides can be made worse by deforestation, monitoring equipment can warn of lahar a

Education and community preparedness classes raise awareness and allow people to know how to act

Money can go "missing" when it is supposed to be used to prepare for hazards in a corrupt government of bribes can allow illegal or unsafe buildings to be made

Governments which are less open struggle to get good relief


How countries such as Japan prepared

Advanced widespread insurance

Government run preparation Japan's disaster prevention day and public education

Sophisticated monitoring of volcanoes

Regulated local planning systems like land use zoning


Give examples of hydro met hazards and what is their trend

Floods, storms, cyclones and droughts have become more common over time possibly due to global warming and human environmental management issues like deforestation.


Give me 3 trends for all disasters?

Deaths have fallen over time because of better response management and prediction(especially since 2000 due to improved mobile communications)

The number of reported disasters increased then stabilised as improvements in data coverage and the accuracy of databases increased

The number of people affected by disasters continues to rise as populations grow and more people live in risky locations


Can earthquakes be predicted?

No only areas at high risk can be identified, seismic gaps can help guess, but nobody can tell when they are going to happen


Can volcanic eruptions be predicted?

Yes sophisticated monitoring systems measure changes as magma chambers fill which means eruption is near

Tilt meters and strain meters record volcanoes bulging and record minor earthquakes which indicate magma movement

Gas spectrometers analyse gas emissions


Can tsunamis be predicted?

Partly an earthquake induced tsunamis cannot be predicted but they can detect when an earns hake has occurred locate it and can then detect the tsunami in open sea using a seismometer


What is response in the hazard management cycle?

Immediate help such as rescue to save lives and aid to keep people alive, emergency shelter, food and water


What does recovery involve in the hazard management cycle?

Rebuilding infrastructure and services; rehabilitating injured people and their lives


What is mitigation in the hazard management cycle?

Acting to reduce the scale of the next disaster(land-use zoning, hazard resistant buildings and infrastructure)


What does preparedness involve in the hazard management cycle?

Community education and resilience building, how to act during and after a disaster


What does the recovery stage depend on?

Magnitude of the disaster

Development level


External help


What ways can u modify the event?

Land use zoning

Aseismic buildings

Tsunami defences(sea walls or breakwaters)

Lava diversion(channels barriers and water cooling)


What ways can u modify vulnerability?

High tech scientific monitoring

Community preparedness and education

Adaption:moving out of harms way re locating to a safe area


How can u modify the loss

Short term emergency aid(search and rescue and then food water and shelter)

Long term aid(reconstruction plans to rebuild an area and possibly improve resilience)

Insurance: compensation figs to peso old to replace their losses