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What does the temporal region consist of?

Two Fossae:
Temporal & infratemporal fossae


How does the the temporal fossae and the infratemporal fossae communicate?

A gap medial to the zygomatic arch
only communication that the temporal fossa have


Where is the mandibular fossa?

a depression on the inferior surface of the zygomatic arch


What is the mandibular fossa the site of?

tempromandibular joint
site of the articulation of the of the mandible with the skull


What is the medial border of the temporal fossa?

parietal bone,
squamous part of the temporal bone,
frontal bone.
greater wing of the sphenoid bone,
aa small part of the zygomatic bone.


What is the lateral border of the temporal fossa?

temporalis fascia


What is the temporalis fascia?

attaches to the superior temporal line and the superior margin of the zygomatic arch.


What are the contents of the temporal fossa?

temporalis muscle (a muscle of mastication),
nerves and vessels of the temporalis muscle, zygomaticotemporal nerve and vessels (a tiny sensory branch of V2).