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How do you test what infrastructure will be built, without executing the actual infrastructure provision process

terraform plan


Consider these 2 commands: what are the benefits

terraform plan -out changes.terraform
terraform apply changes.terraform

it is a safer way to run rather than plan and apply because it will not regenerate the plan file and therefore you know what you are deploying


What is the difference between a variable and a datasource?

variables are static, and datasources are dynamic


What is local provisioning?

a shell script that will be executed on the host where terraform apply is running


Where does terraform by default saves its remote state?



what are the Terraform command aguments (7)

plan, apply, destroy, show - push, taint, untaint


what is a terraform provider

A provider is responsible for understanding API interactions and exposing resources.


what would you use a variable file in terraform

one location to make changes, hide secrets, and add variable file to .gitignore


what is a provisioner

Provisioners are used to execute scripts on a local or remote machine as part of resource creation or destruction. Provisioners can be used to bootstrap a resource, cleanup before destroy, run configuration management


what are the provisioner options

chef, connection, file, local-exec, remote-exec, null resource, salt masterless


what is a terraform module

Modules in the Terraform ecosystem are a way to organize the code to: 
• be more reusable
• avoid code duplication
• improve the code organization and its readability
If we compare them to a programming language, writing a Terraform module is the equivalent of writing a function and calling it many times with different parameters.


resources vs datasources

resource is used to create a resource object, data is used to gather dynamic data and populate a variable


command: How do you test what infrastructure will be build, without executing the actual infrastructure provision process

terraform plan


What is terraform not?

a software config management tool