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What is the purpose of part 2 of the Canada labour code

To prevent accidents and injury
Elimination of hazards
Reduction of hazards
Provision of personal protective clothing and material
Goal of ensuring safety of employees


The code of labour code applies to..

Radio and tv broadcasting and cable system
Shipping and shipping service
Employment in the operation of ships trains and aircraft


Code should be reviewed as..

A proactive (take action before) tool for reducing workplace accidents and occupational illness


Who is responsible for the administration of the Canada labour code

The labour program of human resources
Skill development Canada
Transport Canada enforcement


Who is responsible for on board employees In aviation industry

Transport Canada


Where is occupations safety and health regulations found

Part 2 of Canada labour code


What does the aviation occupational safety and health regulations do

Outlines duties and responsibilities of the employer and employee pertaining to occupational safety and health
Identify in greater detail specific requirements to ensure healthy n safe work place


Who is covered by work safe bc

All airport workers


Who is covered by CLC part 2

Pilots and flight attendants


What can work safe bc do

Pay for workers injury during work
If board determines you are entitled to compensation you cannot refuse the compensation
Compensation board of province u work at Handle claims process even if you are injured in another province


What's does AOSH govern

Smoking in airports
Aircraft fuelling practices
Airport construction practices
Daily screening practices


What are the employers responsibilities

Ensure that the health and safety if every person employed is protected while working


Reasons for employers to comply with responsibilities

To protect workers
To maintain operating certification
Avoid extra cost
Avoid loss of reputation


What are employees responsibilities

Take all reasonable and necessary precautions to ensure their health and safety and others who may be affected


What are the work safe prescribed responsibilities

Employer responsibilities
Employee responsibilities


How often does a workplace need to be inspected

At least once a year


How often does health and safety representative inspect al or part of work place

Each month


What are the rights of the employees

Right to know
Right to participate
Right to refuse


What is the right to know

To be informed of known of foreseeable hazards in the work place
Be provided with info necessary to protect safety n health


What is right to participate

Can identify/ correct job related health and safety concerns as safety representative


What is right to refuse

To refuse dangerous work if there is reasonable cause to believe so
(Must follow proper procedure)


What's employers right

Right of redress


What is right of redress

To protect employers from abuse of right to refuse dangerous work
Must prove to Canadian industrial relations board that employee has abused right to refuse before disciplinary action can be taken


What is importance of April 28

National day of mourning


How is safety managed

Must be top priority
Driven from top down
Demonstrated by top management


What is the OSH structure

Employee level : -healthy and safety reps -employees - union
Federal/provincial health and safety officers: -health and safety committees -employer
CLC part 2: - health and safety regulations


What is a safety policy statement

Statement of principles and general rules that serve as guides for action


What should be in safety policy statement

Management's commitment to protect safety and health
Objective of the program
Organization's basic health and safety philosophy


What must be done to fulfill individual responsibilities

Know what they are and the communication required
Have ability and competence (training)


What are worker responsibilities

Use personal protections and safety equipment
Follow safe work procedures
Know and comply with all regulations
Report any injuries
Report unsafe act and condition