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When and where did The Renaissance mainly occur?

Italy; 1300-1600


What were two majors changes brought about by the Renaissance?

- New learning
- Changes in style and art


True or False: The Renaissance was anti-religious.

False. The Renaissance was secular (worldly, outside of the Church) but NOT anti-religious.


Individualism was a major issue of the Renaissance. Define it.

Individualism is the glorification of the self or the thirst for fame and glory.


Where did the Renaissance mainly occur (rural, urban, suburban, etc.) and why did it occur there?

The Renaissance mainly occurred in urban areas due to them being centers for culture, as well as being more heavily populated.


What were two affects on people that the Renaissance brought about?

- a change in the way people lived
- a change in the way people thought*** (more important)


True or False: The clear cut definition as to why the Renaissance occurred was the trade exchanges during the Crusades.

False; there is no clear cut definition as to why the Renaissance occurred.


List 3 Possible Explanations for the Renaissance

1. Trade
2. Politics
3. Competition


Discuss trade and its impact.

- Trade exchanges began during the Crusades
- Enormous wealth and profits were the result
- Wealth came from spice and silk trade
- Wealth also came from cloth industry and banking
A) Banking flourished especially in Florence, where powerful families, such as the Medicis, began to emerge
- Reinvestment would follow
- This enabled them to pursue new ideas and had the money to back up artists and scholars
- All trade routes of the time went through Northern Italy
A) People now go there to live and make money