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How many sessions on average do personal trainers do?



Name an example of Microlearning.


wanted to create a safer working environment for their distribution center, began posting daily questions about safety, they changed employee behaviour on the job and decreased safety incidents in distribution centers by 54%


What are the pros of going into business for yourself?

Batman Vs Superman

1. Own Boss

2. Create value for yourself

3. more freedom


Definition: Liability

a state of being responsible for something by law



How much percentage do personal trainers usually get per session?



What are the 5 steps of the Risk Management Process?

1. methodically identifying the risks surrounding your business activities

2. Assessing the likelihood of an event occuring

3. understanding how to respond to these events

4. putting systems in place to deal with the consequences

5. monitoring the effectiveness of your risk management approaches and controls


What are the 7 types of insurance?

1. Professional

2. General

3. Building & Property

4. Natural Disaster

5. Business Interruption

6. Workers Compensation

7. Surety Bonds


What are the pros of hiring volunteers?

1. free labor

2. employee recruitment

3. teaching

4. exposure


True or False: The more you review information, the longer you retain it for.



What are the 7 types of risks?

1. Strategic - a competitor coming on to the market

2. Compliance - introduction of new health and safety legislation

3. Financial - non payment by customer or increased interest charge on loan

4. Operational - breakdown or theft of equipment

5. Environmental - natural disaster

6. Employee - sufficient staff numbers and cover, up to date skills

7. Health and Safety - Falling, injury


What are 7 tips for introducing yourself to employers?


1. Research the company & interviewers

2. Dress appropriately

3. Avoid Distractions and keep eye contact

4. Be confident and comfortable

5. Be aware of body language

6. Rehearse your introduction with a friend


What are some downsides to delegating?

1. Things might not be done right or the way you wanted.

2. Can slow things down

3. You have given up control but are still responsible for the outcome

4. Your own time and efforts might not be recognized

5. Left out of the fun - you might have enjoyed it more than the other things you have to do


Job descriptions should be what 3 things?

clear, enticing & empowering


What is the cost of delegating?

1. Time spent training

2. Time spent editing, fixing or redoing


Why do people volunteer?

1. Experience

2. Line on a resume

3. Explore Interests

4. Requirements


Traits of a Leader? Manager?

1. Focus on goals/Focus on tasks

2. Sell it/Tell it

3. Take risks/Minimize Risks

4. Encourage/Instruct

5. Go against the grain/Go with the flow

6. Motivate/Approve

7. Break the rules/Follow the rules

8. Inspire Trust/Expect control

9. Foster Ideas/assign tasks


What traits do leaders and managers share?

1. accomplish a goal

2. mobilize resources

3. explain vision


Definition: Sole Proprietorship

One individual or a married couple in business alone -- most common form of business structure


Definition: Limited Partnerships

one or more general and one or more limited partners. general partners share fully in profits & losses whereas limited partners share in profits but losses are limited to the extent of their investments.


Definition: Outsourcing

Handing over control of public services to private enterprises


What are the cons of going into business for yourself?


1. paying back loans

2. expenses

3. more than 1 role to play

4. investment

5. not guaranteed a place to work/space

6. takes time to build clientelle


What are the 3 client expectations?

  • provide promised services
  • complete your work
  • deliver accurate, mistake free work


What is "Memorable" when it comes to training employees?

  • gaming related training can draw employees in and keep them interested
  • provides a practice playground for real world situations, interactive, amplifies learning


What is involved in "Identifying your Business Impact"? What is this a part of?

  • developing and designing your training to meet your company's unique overall goals
  • keeps business goals in focus and ensures training will make a measurable impact

High Impact Employee Training


Long or Short ad: Charge per word



How to Evaluate Risks?

  • rank risks once identified by considering the consequence and probability of each risk (high, medium, low)
  • compare risks to your business plan to determine which risks may affect your objectives (legal requirements, cost, etc)


In what Self Reflective and Professional ways can you overcome your barriers to delegation?


  • critical
  • objective
  • constructive


  • Training workshops
  • online
  • face to face


What are the 8 things involved in starting a business?

Betty Loves Serpent People's Mysterious Black Hair Gel

1. Business Structure

2. Liability Insurance

3. Services

4. Pricing and how you will receive payment

5. Marketing & Selling Services

6. Business forms (waivers, medical history, etc)

7. Hire other professionals

8. Grow your business


What is involved in "Layer Training"?  What is this a part of?

  • targets employee, customer and business needs while training the right peopl in the right way

High Impact Employee Training


Definition: General Partnership

two or more persons who agree to contribute money, labour, or a skill to a business


What are the 6 different types of fitness facilities you could work at?


1. Medically oriented gym

2. corporate fitness facility

3. Not for profit or community gym

4. College/University gym

5. Personal Training studio

6. Commercial gym or health club


Definition: Standard of Care

degree of care an ordinary, reasonable and prudent person would exercise in given circumstances


What is the main way to minimize professional liability?

Clear communication


What are the ADDITIONAL files?

1. purchase orders

2. employment applications

3. emails

4. inventory logs

5. accident reports

6. permits


What are the ESSENTIAL files?

1. client files

2. contracts

3. accounting and tax records


What is the average cost of DEFENDING a liability claim?



What is the purpose of the question, "What are your weaknesses..."?

  • identify red flags
  • guage your self awareness and honesty
  • ideally choose something relevant you struggle with and how you are improving


How many hours is full time usually?

>30 hours/week


What 4 things do resumes and cover letters allow employer to see?

1. Credentials

2. Employment History

3. Communication Skills

4. Grammar


What does liability insurance do?

protects you/your business against claims


What is generally expected of a "reasonable" person?

  • acts honestly and considers the best interests of the client
  • exercises care, diligence and skill expected of an individual with comparable knowledge and training
  • considers possible risks that could result from their work


How many points should you use to SELL YOURSELF to an interviewer?



What are some CONS when working for a facility?


1. commission

2. set fee structure and payment

3. unable to choose how you train

4. non-compete clause

5. share equipment

6. policies & procedures

7. hours and shifts

8. Upselling clients

9. Inability to choose who you work with

10. reports


List these things in order of importance to employers when applying as a personal trainer.

Audition, Degree, Certification, Personality, Advanced Specialty Training, Skill & Abilities, Experience

1. Certification/Skills & Abilities - 99%

2. Personality - 98%

3. Years of Experience - 90%

4. Advanced Specialty Training - 86%

5. Degree - 77%

6. Audition - 72%


How much is CSEP insurance?

260/year + cpr renewal


What is the purpose of the question, "Tell me about yourself..."?

  • to make you comfortable
  • communication skills
  • learn more about what you value


Definition: Risk Management

the practice of using processes, methods and tools for managing risks


Why is microlearning helpful when training employees?

  • helps combat forgetfulness
  • leads to more effective learning and greater retention
  • affordable, accessible, easily digestible


How much is canfitpro insurance?



What is "Mobile" when it comes to training employees?

  • delivering content via mobile, ipads, tablets, etc allows your employees to engage with the material at their convenience


What are the cons of hiring volunteers?

1. Motivation

2. Reliability

3. Dedication


What is involved in "Analyzing the Skill Gap"?  What is this a part of?

  • find out the difference between your employees current and ideal skills in order to pinpoint specific learning objectives
  • categorize learning objectives into 3 categories
    • Motivation - how can you get learners excited about what they are learning
    • Skills Mastery - what do learners need to be able to do to perform the job
    • Critical Thinking - what must learners know to perform their job well


What are some barriers to delegation?

1. Micromanaging

2. Lack of communication

3. Changing outcome

4. Control


What is "measurable" when it comes to training employees?

  • in order to evaluate the effectiveness of your training program, it must be measurable


How much on average do personal trainers get paid for service hours?



What are the 6 steps in selecting candidates?


Ron Prefers Frugal Reasonable Money Saving

1. Resumes & Cover Letters

2. Phone Interview

3. Face to Face Interview

4. References

5. Meeting again

6. Selecting


Where can you advertise?

  • newspaper
  • online
  • social media
  • bulletin boards
  • word of mouth


Long or Short ad: more affordable

Long ad


What are some personal things employers look for when hiring personal trainers.  List them in order of importance.

1. Friendly Personality - 80.2%

2. Motivating - 75.8%

3. Takes Initiative - 63.7%

4. Self - Discipline - 56%

5. Inspiring - 52.8%

6. Organizational Skills - 51.7%

7. Scheduling Flexibility - 49.5%


What is the purpose of the question, "Why should we hire you..."?

  • sell yourself
  • you can do the work & deliver great results
  • you'll fit in with the team and culture
  • you would be better than any other candidate


Fill in the Blanks



How can you protect yourself from liability?


1. assess your skills and services to determine exactly what your clientele should expect from your business

2. use client contracts that clearly outline your responsibilities

3. document all correspondences with your clients

4. informing all involved parties about what to expect from your products or services

5. keep all employee certifications up to date

6. scope of practice and refer when necessary

7. training in avoidance of sexual harrasment

8. all personal cpr, aed and first aid certified

9. have first aid and aed available

10. regularly practice emergency procedures


What are some upsides to delegating?

1. Builds team strength.  Your team is not dependant on you.

2. Increases team commitment

3. New ideas and the possibility of better solutions

4. Team members have an opportunity to stretch and grow

5. You're not the only one coming up with solutions.


What is a "Customer Retention Program"?

specific or set of specific initiatives aimed to increase customer value and encourage them to repurchase or evangelize a company's product or service


What is involved in "Evaluating Effectiveness"?  What is this a part of?

  • learning doesn't end when employees finish their training
  • continued support
  • measurable learning foundations are the foundation for you to evaluate the program effectiveness

High Impact Employee Training


Definition: Delegating

entrust a task or responsibility to another person, typically someone less senior


What are the 4 steps of training staff?

1. Identify Business Impact

2. Analyze Skill Gap

3. Layer Training

4. Evaluate Effectiveness


What is the purpose of record keeping?

  • business profits
  • staying out of trouble with tax authorities
  • maintain good relationships with clients
  • protect your business from lawsuits
  • win lawsuits


What are the 4 M's of Great Employee Training?

1. Microlearning

2. Mobile

3. Memorable

4. Measurable


What are the challenges for leaders?

1. Delegation - 49%

2. Public Speaking - 21%

3. Staying Organized - 10%

4. Handling Critisism - 8%

5. Resolving Conflict - 7%

6. Other - 6%


Who hypothesized the "Forgetting Curve"?  When?

Hermann Ebbinghaus.



What are the 4 client retention strategies.  Name an example of each?

1. Inspire with a Mission - inspire loyalty through what they stand for (TOMS One for One policy)

2. Empower with convenience - cater to the customer's convenience (Starbucks Mobile Order and Pay)

3. Create a Divide between your competitors - have clients see you as the obvious choice (Apple - Mac vs PC)

4. Thank Your Customers - beyond a chain email, such as discounted memberships, perks, etc (Zappos)


What happens if an employee falls short of standard of care?

client has the right to sue.  used to figure out if a behaviour, action or mistake is actually negligable


What is micromanaging?

controlling every part, no matter how small of an enterprise or activity


True or False: The most effective training programs use a layered approach



What are some PROS when working for a facility?


1. new insight/knowledge

2. more access to clients

3. access to equipment

4. Job security

5. Liability

6. Teamwork

7. Payroll & Bookkeeping

8. Scheduling help

9. Business/Promotional materials


Who wrote "Designing Successful ELearning"? Who wrote the Foreword for it?

Michael Allen

Nick van Dam