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Define creatio ex nihilo

creation out of nothing


How does scientific creationism account for a young earth?

The flood makes the earth appeared to be aged
the earth is 6,000-12000 years old


Explain mature creationism

God created the earth with the appearance of age


Explain the day-age theory

God created the earth in stages. Each day in Genesis 1 represents long periods of time.


Explain the intermittent day theory

There were 24 hour days when God was creating, but he just allowed millions of years in between each day of creation


Who is a famous Gap theorist?

C. I. Scofield


What is gap theory?

it says their is a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2


What is the cultural mandate?

We are to keep, cultivate, and guard God's creation


List two statements that describe the importance of the doctrine of creation for Christian theology.

1. God has pronounced everything He has created good; therefore, the material world can not be considered inherently evil
2. God is reclaiming the created order through the work of redemption in Christ; therefore, God is not giving up on His creation, but is saving the world through Christ.


Explain Arminianism.

God does not control everything that takes place, but he knows everything in the future


Explain Calvinism

God ordains whatever comes to pass including the free decisions of His creatures


How do philosophers define "liberation free will"? Give example.

a person only acts freely if at that moment he can choose otherwise
When studying for this test I only had free will if I was able to choose to not study at that exact moment


What is compatibilism?

God's sovereignty is a reality, and man's responsibility is a reality too


List two statements that summarize God's relationship with the problem of evil.

1. God ordains all things, including evil acts, but He is not the author of sin
2. God has a good motive in the ultimate outcome of the glory of Christ. Evil humans and evil angels do not have good motive and act on their wickedness of their own hearts, making them responsible for their own sins


What is the decretive will of God?

secret will of God
what God has decreed


What is the perceptive will of God?

revealed will of God
God' moral law
Deut. 29:29


What is the substantive view (mormon view) of imago Dei?

Image as physical likeness
image as rationality
image as morality


What is the relational view of imago Dei?

image as communion with God


What is the functional view of imago Dei?

image as ruler over Creation


List 4 implications of imago Dei.

Humans are the pinnacle of creation
Gov't should exercise death penalty for murderers
Abortion is wrong and should be prohibited
The worst human is to be offered redemption


List and briefly define 3 attempts to understand the constituent nature of humans.

Trichotomy- the view that man is made up of three parts: body, soul, and spirit
Dichotomy- the view that man is made up of two parts- body and soul/spirit
Monism-the view that man is made of only one element, the physical body, and that his body is the person


How is divorce anti-gospel?

It is not for man to separate what God has joined together as one flesh (Matt. 19)
Marriage represents Jesus relationship with the church and that is not a broken relationship


What does radical feminism believe?

gender is a social construct


What does Evangelical Feminism (Egalitarianism) believe?

there should not be just male leadership


What does patriarchal misogyny believe?

men should dominate aggressively


What is the Biblical model for understanding male/female relationships?



What is sin?

sin is any failure to conform to the moral law of God in act, attitude, or nature


According to Pelagius, how does Adam's sin affect humanity?

He says we are not connected to Adam's sin, we sin because Adam set a bad example


What is semi-Pelagianism?

does not deny original sin; says humanity is tainted with sin, but not to the extent that we cannot corporate with God's grace on our own


What do theologians mean by natural headship?

we were present seminally in Adam's loins in the Garden