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deliberate, intentional sin that no sin offering can cover

sin of a high hand



The high priest washed himself and put on the special garments.He made atonement for himself and his family.(Where does judgment begin?)Then he took the 2 goats" one was killed and the 2nd was released (the scapegoat)The death of the goat represented the death of the sinner and the blood sprinkled on the mercy seat was to obtain God's forgiveness for the sins.The scapegoat: the high priest laid his hands on the head of the goat and symbolically transferred the sins of the nation to the goat. Then the goat was led out into the wilderness, taking the sins of the people with it. Later it was pushed over a cliff to ensure that it did not wander back into the camp.Christ fulfilled the role of both goats.


comes from a word meaning β€œto cut off.” The Nazarite was to cuthimself off from wine, dead things, and cutting hair. When one finished thetime of separation, the vow could be discontinued.



Three theological emphases regarding the land in numbers

the presence of God

Murmuring of the people

gift of God


discuss 2 items under the dicipline of the covenant

A. Rebellion at Kadesh-Barnea--Throughout the book of Numbers the unfaithfulness of Israel is contrasted with the faithfulness of Yahweh. The people at Kadesh-Barnea send in 12 spies. The 10 spies said the land could not be taken; however, Caleb and Joshua said that it could. The people threatened to stone Moses, and God determined to destroy them. Moses interceded and God did not destroy them. Instead God drove them into the wilderness.

B. Retreat into the Wilderness--They were in the wilderness approx. 40 yrs., actually 38 yrs. (Exod. 12:2, 5; Num. 10-11f.; Deut. 1-2-3). In essence, the generation from Egypt died in the wilderness. Do not use the wilderness experience as an analogy to the Christian life when one is not allowing Christ to have control. This was not the message of the wilderness wanderings. If they would have remained faithful, they could have been in the promised land only after 11 days (Deut. 1:2). Only Joshua and Caleb survived the death march in the wilderness.


3 items under commitment of the covenant

Choose Life




what is the significance of repetition

Perhaps, Moses wanted to illustrate the fact that the law has not changed. It is eternally valid regardless of the changing circumstances. However, secondly, the people of Israel of a new generation are responsibleto renew the basis of the covenant relationship


theology of deutoronomy







Deuteronomy6:4-5 (RSV) Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD. And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thineheart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.


three campaigns of joshua and them of each cherem

Central- Dt Formula -if live for God, win; if sin, lose!
Southern- Holy War -Yahweh fights for his people
northern- Obedience


3 threat israel face at the time of judges

Intermarriage with people of land

Influence from Canaanites in agriculture

Interrelationships -distrust of each other


Discuss problem surrounding canaanite religion

Baalis destroyed by Mot in battle. As a result the crops of the earth dry up since Baal is the god of fertility. Asherah kills Mot and Baal resurrects. Baal and his sister Asherah have sexual intercourse and the earth is made fertile. The Baal religion duplicated the sexual act as imitative magic believing that it would cause fertility to occur.The myth was a powerful temptation because of the success of the Canaanite farmers.The Israelites attempted to syncretizetheir worship of Yahweh and Baal. Yahweh knew about war, but not about growing crops. Yahweh was the shepherd God and the God of wanderers, like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This resulted in apostasy


dweller around



pattern repeated in judges SWORD

Sin of the People
Wrath of God
Oppression of people by nations
Repentance by crying out to God
Deliverance by raising up Judges


3 purposes of ruth

Interracial Marriages
Sovereignty of God
Genealogy of David


responsibilities of a kinsman redeemer or goel

to raise up a child for a dead relative,
redeem land lest it is lost to the family,
and redemption of enslaved relatives.


five themes of the book of samuel

1) The ark of the covenant
2) Kingship --examines the earthly head of God's theocratic kingdom
3) The Davidic Covenant
4) Assessment of Saul
5) Assessment of David


3 main characters



4 reasons why the philistines were a very serious threat

more disciplined soldiers
2) monopoly on iron (I Sam. 13:19-21)
3) made use of the chariot. (I Sam. 13:5)
4) they acted in harmony with one another.


transitional roles of samuel



theological implications of sauls reign

1. Change brings stress and doubt.
2. Pride speeds up the process of backsliding. Saul was humble in the beginning, but eventually overstepped his boundaries.