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Features of a Description

• Number
• Size
• Location
• Distribution • Shape

• Color
• Consistency
• Margins/Surface


No SLo DiSCo CoMas !!


About 1 cm in from the pleural surface, a discrete( you can see an abrupt change in tissue- well defiated) triangular shaped nodular mass


MDX: Severe, locally extensive, chronic,  granulatamus pneumonia

Etx: Mycobacterium bovis ------ tuberculosis


If you have a nodule, what are the two pathological processes that it can be due to?


- Process of growth


Tuberculosis due to mycobacterium bovis


Mass in Mesentery from a horse

Mass differentials: neoplasm, abysess, granululoma, nodular hyperplasia

Inflammtory or disorder of growth-- need to cut open to tell- pus in it, so

Mdx: messenteric abysess

Edx: steatitis(inflammation of fat)


Diffuse mucosal surface of the small intestine- fibrous material

Mdx: diffuse, acute, severe fibrinous enterisitis

Edx:  Salmonella


What is this from

Salmonella-- caste like in the small intestine


Liver is coated with fibrin, but it's red tinted.


severe congestive heart failure-- pressure has been so high, that it has caused fibrin to come out


Pluck from a cow- lungs, heart, trachea and esophagus all together


What's wrong?

Fibrous connective tissue on the pleura, which connects the pericardium to the lungs. The surface of the heart is thickened.

pathological process: inflammation and repair

pericarditis, pneumonia(inflammation of the lung), chronic

EDx:  hardware disease from the rumen/ reticulum

potential consequence:  ascities in the abdomen/ edema, plerual cavity due to poor venous return to the heart, hypertrophy of the liver


due to hardware disease


 opague yellow fluid in the abdomenal cavity- there are cells in the fluid;

strings on the pericardial surface; collasped lungs

 MDx: supprulative, fibrious pleuritis  or pyothorax

Edx: often in cats Ncardia or acinomycyes


Opened small intestine from a pig

Describe: muscoa is thickened, diffusely, cerebeform appearance, fibrin

What pathological process? hypertrophy- disorder of growth- something has been added

Edx: if it was a ruminant it could be Johne's disease

on histo- leukocytes increased and neutrophils are present

proliterative enterisitis



Mdx: suppurative omphalophlevitis (infammation of the umbilical vein


suppurative pyonephritis