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What is morphologically abnormal? MDx?
Potential cause; Dx steps?

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crust and alopecia

inflammation of the skin-dermatitis exudative/pustulated

MDx: dermatitis exudative/pustulated

Demodex case

but why is there so much pus- secondary bacterial infection

remember that sacroptic mange can look the same


This 6 month old bighorn sheep has been rejected by its ewe

The sedated ewe of the lamb in the preceding image is being examined by a biologist (below).

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scabby mouth with crust with ulceration

on the gums- multi-nodular mass

DDx: ORF or vesicular disease or photosentization or Deramatophilis

what is most likely if you have the mom and the babe? ORF

how would get an Edx(cause +lesion put together)- Viral Dermatitis or Pox Viral Dermatitis


What is morphologically abnormal? MDx?
Most likely cause?

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Mdx: hypopigmentation/ leukoderma or leukotricia

Most likely cause: albinism

caused by tyrisonase enzyme, which will not allow melanin to be made but they will have the normal amount of melanocyts


Skin of an adult horse

What is morphologically abnormal?

Most likely pathological process?

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ulcerated plaque because it's eleated

inflammation or neoplasia

could be a sarcoid or squamous cell carcinoma

swamp cancer(granulamatous) ? or summer sores(caused by larval migration in tissue) or proud flesh

Mdx: granulatous dermatis or sarcoid

Do a biospy to find out which one!


Skin of an adult horse

What is morphologically abnormal?

Most likely pathological process? MDx?

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melanoma grey horse- location




puppy has facial pustules and lymphadenomegaly.

What is the most likely disease diagnosis?

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Puppy strangles

pathogenesis: This is idiopathic; doesn't seem to be caused by an infection


What is morphologically abnormal? Most likely pathological process? MDx?

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dark, discrete, dry, sharp line of dermarkcation

necrosis due to an infarct(due to sharp line);

Mdx: dry gangene or cutaneous infarct

cause: frostbite; ecludes blood vessels from


What is morphologically abnormal? MDx?

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erythema and lickentfication

MDx: chronic dermatitis


hyperpigmentation and erythecema are classical follow ups to dermatitis


We are concerned this is an estrogen producing sertoli cell tumor in a retained testicle.

What are some expected associated skin lesions?

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hyperkeratosis- scales


3 dogs with similar lesions.
What is morphologically abnormal? MDx?
3 potential causes = ???

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epidermal collarettes and some alopecia

pustule has ruptured

3 causes:

- ring worm

-superficial spreading pyoderma


These are centered around the follicle! Theses are all foliculitis!!!



What is this disease?

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greasy pig

Staph hycius

predisposing conditions: crowding, poor nutrition of the pig

Neutrophils are the primary cell


Most likely pathological process?

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ulcerated mass- neoplasia or inflammation

squamous cell(- usually in sparly haired areas but it got an injection in that area



What is morphologically abnormal? MDx?
Potential causes = ???

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crusty nose- want to look for vesicles and pustules

MDx: exudative dermatis or rhinoitis

potential causes: viral- vesicular; Foot and mouth, vesicular stomatis, vesicular examthema, and swine vesicular disease, photosenitization, dermataphilius




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goat with ORF in the early states


What is morphologically abnormal? MDx?

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Plaques; edema because they are shiny,  alopecia, erthyemia, really discrete edges

Eosinophilic plaques- usually an allergic skin disease going on


What is morphologically abnormal? Dx steps:
Most likely disease?

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ulcearted nodule
 with purulent discharge

Cytology- aspiration( do not use the pus on the surface)

Leproid granuloma causes by saprophic Microbacteria(usually in Boxers)

granulatmatis response so you will see lots of macrophages

YOU  DON'T HAVE TO SEE MICROBACTERIA ON HISTO- you could just have a couple


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lesions in non-pigmented areas-photosentization but then why is it on the limbs

vasculitis- infaraction; discrete areas of necrosis

what is a cause of vasucultitis? bacterial infection, toxins, hypersensitivity


Proporia hemorragica- usally from a strep equi, equi infection


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erythema,  crusts, areas are probably ulcerated, anatomy is being altered---> infilitrated process;

there is  a mass in the white area-- squaous cell carcinoma in the butt of a sheep


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there were bbs in the lesion


excisional biospy

you take margins and the whole lesion