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What is the difference between the president's jobs as commander in chief and chief of state?

Chief of state means the president takes on the role of symbolic figurehead of United States. While Commander in chief means
that the president is in charge of nations military and can command them around.


What are some of the benefits the president and vice president receive?

The benefits the president and Vice President they get is travel allowances, staff including Secret Service
officers for protection, tax deduction for two residences, health and retirement benefits.


What are the informal job requirements for the presidency?

The informal job Requires a president to have a background in 3/4 military and the presidents all have something
in common. President must also have personal qualities and must win support and votes of the American people.


In what ways have presidents past and present been similar?

The past presidents have been similar by most all presidents come from white educated men in middle or upper class
until Obama. All Presidents have some Christian denomination, all presidents must also have 3/4 military background.


What are the executive powers of the president?

The executive power gives the president the power to appoint people to fill the top positions in the executive branch. The president
is also able to issue executive orders. This is a formal rule or regulation instructing executive branch officials on how to carry
out their jobs. Lastly, the president has the right of executive privilege which allows the president to with hold information from Congress or a court.


What are the diplomatic and military powers of the president?

Diplomatic powers of the president gives the president the power to negotiate treaties, or formal agreements between two or more countries
that are used to end conflicts, form alliances, and establish trade relationships. Military powers is the president has the power to take military
action without Congress.


How does the president exercise legislative and judicial powers?

The president exercises legislative power is the veto. The presidents judicial power is the president is able to nominate people who become federal
judges and justices. Second, he may alter the sentences of people convicted of the sentences of people convicted of crimes through their powers
of clemency, or mercy.


What are the informal powers of the president?

Informal powers of the president is aces to the media and the presidents position as a party leader.


How are the presidents powers checked by other branches?

The presidents power is checked by other branches by judicial review, congress checks powers as well.


In what ways has the presidential power changed over the years?

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What is the Executive Office of the President?

The executive office is a group of advisers and assistants of the president


What are the formal duties of the vice president?

Vice resident helps make policy's and carry out their programs. Along with that they can be given special assignments and along with this the Vice Presidents have their own staff.


How have presidents traditionally regarded the role of the vice president?

The traditional Vice President had to preside over the Senate, opening and counting the electoral votes, and serving the president if president cannot do the job.


Who makes up the cabinet?

The cabinet is made up of executive departments, which are federal government agencies responsible for carrying out laws, administering programs, and making regulations in their particular areas.


`How does the federal government pay for its operations?

individual income, payroll taxes, and corporate taxes.


What are the two types of government spending?

Mandatory spending is requires by laws and not subject to the annual budget process. Discretionary spending is subject to the annual budget.


How does the federal budget process work?

The budget process is when the president and congress decide which programs receive funds and how much funds they should receive. The federal budget last for one fiscal year.


How do fiscal and monetary policy affect the nation's economy?

Fiscal policy is the governments policy of taxing and spending. Monetary policy is governments policy of regulating money in circulation and in the interest rates at which money is borrowed.


Plessy v. Ferguson

permitted legalized racial segregation, as long as there were “equal but separate accommodations”


Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

invalidated Plessy v. Ferguson by
concluding that separate facilities cannot truly be equal


Progressive Vs. Regressive

Progressive is when the tax burden falls more heavily on wealthy than on poor, Taxes progress from low to high. Regressive is tax falls more on poor. everyone pays same taxes but when measured as percentage it is higher for low income people.


What is Budget Deficit?

The amount of money coming in is less than the money going out.


What are three countries that loan money to the United States? How do we garentee there loans?

China, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. We have never defaulted on our payments and they receive the full faith and credit clause.


What is PAYGO?

Means pay as you go. The United states could not use more money then what was coming in.


What are four types of taxes?

Income tax, property tax, Amusement tax, and sales and use tax.


How is jurisdiction determined in the American Court system?

Jurisdiction is determined by the court's authority to hear and decide on a case. State courts hear matters
of state laws and federal courts hear case that involve the Constitution or other federal laws.


How is the federal court system structured?

The federal court is structured by districts and other courts which leads to courts of appeals and then to Supreme court.


How are federal judges appointed?

The constitution gives the president the power to nominate federal judges, whom the senate must approve.


What is the judicial branch's role in the system of checks and balances?

The judicial branch checks the legislative branch and the executive branch. Judicial review is their primary ruling that is the
power to rule weather laws or executive actions violate the Constitution.


What is the difference between judicial restraint versus judicial activism?

Judicial Restraint Is the concept that a judge should interpret the Constitution according to the Framers' original intentions.
Judicial activism is the concept that the Constitution should be interpreted more broadly, as an evolving document, something
that subsequent generations can interpret consistent with changing values and circumstances.