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What is the paradox do voting? What is the voter utility model?

The paradox is millions of people go to vote when the vote doesn't matter
Equation---- C


Classic Forms of Government?



Compare Democracy to Republic

Democracy - voting for everything
Republic - voting through representation


Advantages/Disadvantages to a presidential system

Advantages - have a solitary leader to act quickly
Disadvantages - president could become too strong, there's the possibility of gridlock, difficult to remove unsuited president


6 Goals of Constitution

Establish justice
Ensure domestic tranquility
Form a more perfect union
Provide for the common defense
Promote the general welfare
Secure the blessings of liberty to themselves and the generations that follow


6 Principles of government in the Constitution

Popular sovereignty
Limited government
Separation of powers
Checks and balances
Judicial review


Define: Popular Sovereignty, Limited Government

Popular sovereignty - when people establish the government and are the source of its power
Limited government - when the powers of the government are restricted to protect the individual rights of the people


Virginia vs New Jersey Plan and -3 major compromises

Virginia - bicameral legislature, membership of both houses based on population
New Jersey - unicameral legislature, each state gets one vote

3 Major Compromises::::Bicameral legislature, one house based on pop., other has 2 members per state
Slaves were considered 3/5 of a person so South didn't have a huge pop.
Presidents elected by the electoral college


Federalists vs Anti-Federalist

Federalist wanted 2 senators from each state and representatives from each state-- Representation Democracy
Anti-Federalist wanted more representation and wanted thier rights protected--- Direct Democracy


Why did Tom Jefferson believe the Constitution should be amended every generation?

Jefferson belived "each generation should be regarded as a distinct nation, they have a right to choose for itself the form of government it beleives most promotive of its own happiness."


Why Federalism?

Because the delegates at the constitutional convention wanted to strengthen the national government


Define Expressed, Concurrent, Reserved Powers

Expressed - powers granted to the national government in the constitution
Concurrent - aren't specifically listed in the constitution but are logical extensions of expressed powers
Reserved - recongnized as naturally belonging to all governments that conduct the business of a sovereign nation


Government Spending: 2 types

mandatory spending :spending mandated by laws and not subject to annual budget process
discretionary spending: spending subject to the annual budget process