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what is the pacemaker of the heart and where the electrical signal starts>

SA node


what is the order of blood flow through the heart starting with the return from the systemic circulation and ending with its arrival at the lungs

1. R atrium
2. tricuspid valve
3. R ventricle
4. pulmonary semilunar valve
5. pulmonary trunk
6. pulmonary arteries
7. lungs


the smallest arteries in the body are called ___



___ occurs when smooth muscle of the tunica media of a blood vessel contracts and causes the diameter of the blood vessel to decrease.



Lymph fluid collected from the right side of the head, right arm, right shoulder and right side of the chest is drained into the venous system by way of what lymphatic vessel?

right lymphatic duct


the thymus is responsible for directing the development and maturation of what cell types?



which of the followig is NOT a function of the spleen?
a. filtering blood from all around the body
b. filtering lymph draining from the stomach, small intestines and colon
c. storage of red blood cells and platelets
d. recycling of red blood cells
e. all of the above are functions of the spleen



How do lymphocytes like b-cells and t-cells recognize pathogenic microorganisms like viruses and bacteria as well as infected bod cells and foreign cells?

they rely on surface markers called antigens to identify these items


During the first response a b-cell to a pathogen, activation of the b-cell will cause it to multiply, Most of the resulting cells become antibody factories while a small portion become ___ cells that help mount a stronger, faster response to that pathogen should the body encounter it again.

memory b


what lymphatic cells initiate and oversee an immune response by presenting antigens to other cells and by producing chemical signals called cytokines that activate other cells?

helper t-cells


which of the following is incorrect regarding the blood cells?
a. they are specialized for carrying oxygen
b. they have a unique "biconcave disc" shape
c. they have more than one nucleus
d. they do not have any mitochondria
e. all of the above are correct



following a routine checkup, MAry's blood is sent to the lab for testing. the lab results showed as following (hemoglobin level = 13g/dL, hematocrit = 40%, hemoglobin A1C= 8.5%) this shows mary is suffering from...
a. anemia and dehydration
b. is over-producing the hormone erythropoetin
c. is most likely diabetic
d. has recently given blood
e is completely healthy



what white blood cell (leukocyte) contains the anticoagulate molecule heparin?



Ernie brings his best buddy bert to the urgent care center because he is looking a bit yellow. which organ do you think may be malfunctioning and causing bert's abnormal appearance?

his liver


the ability of white blood cells to squeeze through blood vessel walls is called what?



Aplastic anemia is defines as .....

formation of RBCs in bone marrow isnt normal
(on test it wasnt listed so option E)


which of the following is not a formed element of blood?
a. RBC
b. WBC
c. platelets
d. albumin
e. all are formed elements of the blood



during a standard laboratory blood typing procedure, a few drops of johns blood are mixed with various antibody solutions. His RBC agglinate when mixed with a solution containing anti-A antibodies but not when mixed with a solution containing anti-B antibodies. Based on this information, which of the following is correct?
a. John could recieve erythrocytes from a type B donor
b. john could donate erythrocytes to a type O recipient
c. john's plasma contains anti-B antibodies
d. non of the above conclusions are correct



the first sound , "lubb" occurs when what?

the AV valve closes


__ occures when the smooth muscle of the tunica media of a blood vessel releases and allows the diameter of the blood vessel to increases



a blood report comes back and shows the following results (hemoglobin level = 19g/dL, hematocrit = 55%, hemoglobin A1C= 4.5 %) what is this person suffering from?
a. anemia and dehydration
b. is suffering from polycythemia
c. is most likely diabetic
d. has recently given blood
e. is completely healthy



what white blood cell would be found in increased numbers in a person infected with a parasite?

(not an option on test = E)


hemolytic anemia is defined as...

a decrease in the O2 carrying capacity of blood due to the rupture of lots of RBCs