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how is the book of Ezekiel titled in hebrew

God strengthens


who was ezekiel

one of those deported during the 2nd deportation (597 BC)


after how long would he begin his prophetic ministry

5 years later while in exile


what was Ezekiel predicting while ministering in babylon

predicting the 3rd and final attack and destruction of Jerusalem


what prompted a change in Ezekiel's prophetic message

the fall of the city of Jerusalem


what was Ezekiel message before the fall of Jerusalem and why

Ezekiel's message focused on Judah's soon destruction because of their sin


what was Ezekiel message after the fall of Jerusalem

Ezekiel's message centered on Judah's future restoration


unlike jeremiah, how does the book of Ezekiel written

chronological order


purpose of Ezekiel

to outline blessings that will follow their judgment

to warn Israel of imminent judgment

to stress the need for individual responsibility and national accountability before God


how Ezekiel was called to act out his prophecies

in highly and symbolic dramatic form, which is more than any other prophets


theology of Ezekiel

God is sovereign over all nations

God's sovereignty is based on His holiness

this holy and sovereign God resolved that He would be know and acknowledged


how the messages of Ezekiel changes once the news of the destruction of Jerusalem arrived to the exiles

changes to the Lord's words of hope for His people


what they would experience after the message changed

spiritual revival, restoration to the holy land, and a glorious future


what biblical scholars acknowledge that presents special challenges in its interpretation? and what part of the book it occupies

the temple vision. it occupies the last 9 chapters


how some have even described the last 9 chapters in Ezekiel (the temple vision)

the most difficult passage in the old testament


under which 4 kings Daniel held high position

Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius, and Cyrus


how does Daniel's character reflect in the bible

Daniel is the only spotless character in the bible outside of Christ. there is not a flaw to be found in his character


like who/what Daniel's life was

Joseph, God's candle shinning in heathen darkness


where Daniel was carried to and when

Babylon, during the first deportation of the captives


unlike the other prophets, how does Daniel deal with the Gentile and Jewish nations

Daniel deals more fully with the gentile nations than with his own jewish nation


what is the Hebrew meaning of Daniel

God is my judge


what much of Daniel's writings does not bear

the character of prophecy


Ezekiel, as a contemporary of Daniel, has an extremely high opinion of him. how many times does he mentions Daniel by name? and as what?

2 times, as deserving to be racked with Noah and Job (Ez. 14:14) or as having great wisdom (Ez. 28:3)


what much of Daniel's writings does bear

character of history


the 2 ways our Lord endorsed Daniel

both the genuineness of his message and the validity of Daniel as a prophet


what new testament book quotes Daniel more than any other old testament book



date Daniel was written (Daniel's lifetime)

6th century B.C.


how Daniel was identified by Jesus

as the prophet who spoke of the abomination of desolation in the Olivet discourse of Matthew


what prophecy does chapter 9 of Daniel include

includes prophecy up to the crucifixion of Christ and the destruction of Jerusalem


what king wrote even one chapter in Daniel and what chapter

king Nebuchadnezzar; chapter 4


author of Daniel

its is also likely that some now-unknown person was inspired by the holy spirit to collect, edit and organize this book


5 themes of the book of Daniel

the sovereignty and superiority of God

the protection of God

God's prevenient grace




2 ways Daniel's writings can be outlined

Narration (stories) and revelation (visions)

Hebrew (prophecy concerning jews); and Aramaic (prophecy concerning gentiles); and Hebrew ( prophecy concerning jews)


what similar thing that happened to Daniel also happened to joseph

he proved faithful and pure in their conduct, God rewarded him with wisdom from heaven


what many commentators believe that the 4th person in the fiery furnace was

a visible appearance of Christ in human form


if true, what would it be

this would then be another old testament theophany


3 things to remember in chapter 4 in the book of daniel

it was an official "state documents" from ancient times

it was a proclamation of king Nebuchadnezzar to the whole world

this is the only chapter in the bible written by a pagan king


the theology behind the precision of prophecy in Daniel chapter 9

the idea that God is sovereign. human history does not take God by surprise


how chapter 11 is unique in scripture

its prophecy that is so literal in nature that many scholars, discount the entire book


according to the historian josephus, how alexander's visit was finished

by viewing the book of Daniel which foretold the rise and conquest of Alexander. he was so pleased with this, that he spared the city


why were they called minor prophets

not because they are of any lesser value but because they are shorter than the major prophets


is there a difference between a major prophet and a minor prophet in term of importance

they are equally important


to whom the book of Obadiah was written

addressed to Edom, but Judah was its intended primary readers


which of the minor prophets calls for repentance? and for what

joel, for the rending of hearts as a contrast to external show of torn garments


what is the message of the book of jonah

God is concern for all the heathen nations, and that Jehovah is the universal God over all the earth


what is the only OT prophet that Jesus directly compared himself to



messages of the book of amos

justice is far more important to God than our worship


what kind of prophecy is found in amos chapter 8

a prophecy of the 400 years of prophetic silence from (malachi) to john the baptist


message of the book of hosea

Israel had been unfaithful to her covenant. so God sees that Israel is an adulterous wife desecrating her marriage vow


with what micah's prophecies sympathized entirely

poorer classes regarded God as the spiritual vindicator of Judah's voiceless sufferers


messages of the book of zephaniah

Zephaniah exhorted his people to seek meekness and righteousness, promising that, if they did, all would be well


messages of the book of nahum

nahum single-mindedly proclaims the destruction and doom of Nineveh, the Assyrian capital.


what did God inform habakkuk

the Babylonians would be his chastening rod on the nation


what can we learn about from haggai

the contagious nature of sin of procrastination


who is zechariah

an apocalyptic look to the final consummation of God's eternal purpose in the glory of the messiah's rule


what can we learn from the book of malachi

the work of john the baptist