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- study of ramifications
- beyong human
- implies merging of human and machine/ artificial intelligence


Computational theory of mind

- philosophical theory
- brain is information processing system, thinking is form of computing


Artificial intelligence

- use of digital tech to create systems capable of performing tasks commonly thought to require intelligence


Persuasive technologies

- increasingly smart and intimate tech that coerce, seduce, or otherwise move ppl towards a belief, position, or course of action


Societies of control

- evolving form of power
- controls without confinement


Neuropolitics of control

- economic and social political condition
- views humans as brains and neural networks that can be coded, decoded, and recoded


7 forces that are re-engineering our brain

1) Digital mirrors
2) Automated/ Autonomous networks
3) Biometric technologies
4) Adaptive interfaces
5) Gaming interfaces & cultures
6) Immersive reality technologies
7) Neural augmentation


Digital mirrors

- algorithms
- health records, fitness logs, social contact lists, media prefs


Automated/ Autonomous networks

- increasingly automated steady-stream networks
- no human oversight
- create new baselines for normalcy as users compare their own data w group or crowd-sourced data


Biometric technologies

- sensory technologies that detect images, heat, motion
- border security tech, self-driving cars, geo-located advertising


Adaptive interfaces

- personalized user interfaces adapt according to needs of user
- "no click" interfaces that make decisions for user
- Urbanspoon


Gaming interfaces and cultures

- designed to entertain, persuade and impart a point of view to their players through ideologies embedded in their core logic and narratives
- e.g. first-person shooter games w embedded military doctrines


Immersive reality technologies

- tools that dramatically expand capacities to visualize our environments and ourselves in augmented reality
- e.g. VR headsets


Neural augmentation

- bio and nano neurotechnologies that are implanted surgically to augment intelligence


Proteus effect

phenomenon in which behaviour of an individual within virtual worlds is changed by characteristics of their avatar