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The proverb "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" would be most applicable to the view of whom?



What happened to the man who tried to get into the beautiful palace?

After he had received and given many wounds, he cut his way through them all and pressed forward into the palace.


Who had sinned away the day of grace and was beyond repentance?

The Man in the Cage


Who in John Bunyan's life represented both the evangelist and the interpreter?

John Gifford


What are the two greatest evidences of genuine salvation?

- Hunger to Know God's Word
- Ability to Understand Spiritual Things


List three truths concerning the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit.

- He Teaches Us All Things
- Reminds of Forgotten Things
- Reveals the Future
- Teaches Us Especially of Christ


Explain the following aspects of the fire that Christian saw in the house of the Interpreter:
- The Fire
- Man Throwing Water on the Fire
- Man Pouring Oil on the Fire
- The Oil

- The fire—the work of grace in the sinner's heart
- Man throwing water on fire—Satan trying to put out the work of grace in the sinner's heart
- Man pouring oil on fire—Christ, who supplies the grace needed for salvation
- The oil—the grace of Christ that brings salvation


Describe the dream of the man in Interpreter's house and explain its lesson for the pilgrim (and us). Use the back of this quiz, if necessary.

The man dreamed that Christ returned to earth and that the Great White Throne judgment was held, but he was not ready to be judged because he was still unsaved. The lesson for him (and us) is to be ready always for Christ's return. The return of Christ should be a goad to prod us both to be ready and to be serving Him while we have the opportunity.