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Define the roles of chickens and pigs in the Scrum framework.

Pigs are full members of the team and chickens are everyone else.


Define the role of Scrum Master in the Scrum framework.

The Scrum Master motivates and coaches the team and also makes sure the Scrum rules are followed. The Scrum Master, however, does not tell pigs how to do their job.


What are the 3 main types of patterns?

Creational, structural and behavioral.


What type of pattern is Facade?

Facade is a structural pattern.


What is the Problem part in the specification of the Facade pattern? (or what is the need for using the pattern)

It is necessary to offer a single high-level interface to a complex system in order to enable clients to use the functionlaities of such a subsystem without having to know the internal working of it.


Briefly define the notion of a 'component', as opposed to that of a class, in the context of reuse?

A component is any artifact, designed to be reusable, that is produced during system development. A component should be executable code; it should offer its functionalities through a public interface which should include an interaction standard; plus, a component should be connectable to other components.


Why is the reuse of components more appropriate than that of classes?

Individual classes are necessarily coupled to other classes, therefore the reuse of a single class is normally difficult.


What are possible reasons for the lack of reuse in organisations?

The reasons could be: inappropriate choice choice of project for reuse, planning for reuse too late, coupling among classes, platform dependance, lack of standards, etc...


Assume that the methods of a class do not call any method of any class. Would that class by itself be suitable for reuse?

Yes, because the class would have no coupling with other classes and it could be reussed as a standalone provider of services through its methods.


Explain the difference between white-box ad black-box testing?

In a black-box testing, the internal working of a component is ignored and only its external behaviour is considered. In a white-box testing, the internal behaviour of a component is considered.


While running unit testing in an object-oriented system, what normally constitutes the unit?

The class would be the unit.


What is a test harness?

A test harness is a software module that tests a unit by running it under different conditions and with different inputs ad checks its behaviour. In other words, a harness simulates the environement in which the unit is supposed to run, for test purposes.


How are requirements captured in XP programming?

Requirements are informally represented by short user stories.


Briefly describe the MoSCoW prioritisation in the DSDM Atern.

The MoSCoW prioristisation is a way of assigning diffirent priorities ti requirements within the same TimeBox. Withouth this prioritisation, Timeboxing would be impossible. This classification helps focusing on the right requirements so as to meet the Timebox Deadline.


What are the 4 kind of MoSCoW requirements?

Must have, Should have, Could have, Won't have (this time).


To which principle of DSDM Atern is MoSCoW closely related?

The Moscow prioritization is tightly related to the principle of 'Deliver on Time': deadlines are never sacrofoced to meet low-priority requirements.


Define Timeboxing in Atern?

Fixes resource allocation for a project or part of a project. Limits time available for requirements, design, etc... Each timebox has a set of prioritised objectives, Contains on ore more deliverables.


Define Facilitated Workshop in Atern?

Consists of a group of people working under a guidance of a trained facilitator.


What is BDSM Atern and 3 key principles?

DSDM is a management and control framework for agile project delivery. It has 7 lifecycle phases. 4 of the Attern principles are: Never compromise quality (testing is integrated throughout the lifecycle), Communicate continuously and clearly, and demonstrate control, and develop iteratively.


What are some Agile Manifesto entries?

People over process. Software over document. Collaboration over contracts. Change over plans.


What are some Agile key features?

Iterative development. Flexible empowered teams. Lightweight approach (working code instead of analysis). Code is the model.