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What is an authorized person?

An individual who has been properly trained in the written procedures, is fully knowledgeable of hazardous energies specifically related to the equipment, and has been tested and certified.


What is a clearance?

A statement from the operations supervisor with documentation declaring that the equipment to be worked on has been de-energized and isolated from all sources of hazardous energy with safety tags and appropriate locking devices placed; and in that respect is safe.


What is a clearance holder?

A qualified employee with primary responsibility for themselves or a group of personnel working under the protection of a Clearance.


What is Equipment Request Order Form (EROF)?

Form filled out jointly by worker and operations supervisor for the authorization process of equipment outages, or other work authorizations in the WCA process.


What is High Voltage?

A sustained voltage of 600 volts or greater.


What is an OK to Work?

A statement from the Operations Supervisor permitting work on or near energized equipment, circuits, or piece of equipment that may not require isolating or de-energizing the equipment for a worker to safely perform the work authorized.


Define Operations Supervisor.

A person who is authorized and qualified to issue and ensure continuity of protection; safe clearances, hot line orders, OKs to work, special condition orders, or orders for general switching.

Ex. Dispatchers, Operator’s, and supervisory operations personnel.


Define qualified person.

An employee who has received training in, and has demonstrated skills and knowledge in, the construction and operation of specific equipment and the hazards involved with such equipment.


Define Special Conditions.

An unusual condition pertaining to equipment.


Define Switch Person.

A person who is authorized and who is qualified to perform switching and tagging operations.


Define Unqualified Person.

A person who lacks the necessary experience and training to work on or near specific exposed energized equipment


What is a Worker?

A person who is authorized to receive Clearances, OKs to Work, or Hot Line orders to inspect, service, repair, or otherwise have need to be in contact with specific equipment.


Who has authority to stop work?



Who is responsible for the preparation, review, updating, and interpretation of OP-2?

The Office of the Chief Water and Power Dispatcher


Any questions concerning the interpretation of OP-2 shall be referred to ...?

The Senior Water and Power Dispatcher on duty at the POC.


A __________ shall be readily available at all switching centers and shall also include any restrictions confining the extent of a person’s authorization and date of current certification.

List of authorized personnel


What must be attached to clearly identify the hazard(s), why the energy source cannot be isolated, and the means by which the hazardous energy shall be mitigated?



The EROF must be prepared jointly by who?

The Clearance Holder requesting an application to work and the Operations Supervisor.


Where do grounds first need to be notated?



How should deletions be made from a Switching Order Form?

With a single line strikeout, initialed, and dated by the Operations Supervisor making the correction.


The Switching Order Form shall be completely prepared by the Operations Supervisor and...?

Checked for completeness and correctness by another Operations Supervisor, the Clearance Holder, and Switch Persons.


What should be done with the Switching Order Form listing the verified switching instructions?

They shall be carried and referred to throughout the entire switching operation.


What voltage required two Switch persons?

600 volts or greater


How should you verify that a circuit breaker is open?

Check the switch, not the indicator light.


The Switch person responsible for performing the switching operation shall not proceed further if...?

1. At any point in the operation an unexpected relay action occurs.
2. The switch person clearly does not understand the instruction
3. The switch person believes the instruction is incorrect
4. The switch person finds a device in an unexpected position


Describe a Clearance lock.

Red in color, single keyed, and OSHA approved.


After all switching for placement has been completed, what will the switch person do?

Test the effectiveness of the Clearance for non-electrical work.


Prior to reporting on a Clearance, what should a worker do?

Personally verify all clearance limits are in the safe position and all safety tags have been properly applied, verify all sources of hazardous energy have been effectively isolated, and assure themselves that the protection provided is adequate and necessary to carry out the assigned work.


When grounds are involved in a Clearance, who should sign on first and sign off last?



Immediately after reporting on the Clearance, what will the Clearance holder do?

Place the key from his/her Worker’s padlock (on the Clearance Lockbox) in his/her designated Worker’s Lockbox (yellow).


If there is a workers lockbox, what should be on the table next to it?

Worker’s Lockbox sign on/off sheet


There will be a discussion between the Clearance Holder and __________ about the scope of work.

each Worker


Prior to starting work, the Worker will do what?

Walk down the Clearance to verify that isolation and de-energization of the machine or equipment has been accomplished.


How long can a worker’s lock stay on a Worker’s Lockbox?

It may be removed daily or left on for the duration of the job.


What must an apprentice have in order to have their lock on the workers lockbox?

A multi-lock hasp with a journey workers lock


When is a temporary release of clearance used?

For testing and adjustment purposes.


Under a temporary release, what work can be performed?

Any work that can be done under an OK to Work


What is an interconnected system Clearance?

A statement with documentation from one agency’s switching center to another, that switching has been performed on one system as a partial or complete requirement for a Clearance on another system.


Immediately after the Clearance Holder has reported on the Clearance, the contractor should...?

Walk the Clearance, visually check the Clearance limits, and place their lock on the Clearance lockbox


How do workers release clearances?

Notify Operations Supervisor.


All general switching orders are considered what?



What is the purpose of Special Conditions?

The provide temporary special instructions to protect equipment.


Barricade tape is used where?

Barricade rope is used where?

Barricade tape should be used indoors in areas not affected by adverse weather conditions or wind.

Barricade rope should be used in switchyards and other outdoor areas.


After receiving a workers card, what should the switch person verify?

That the equipment is in the states condition and then sign the workers card.


Where should a workers card be kept when used with a Clearance?

It should be kept on the switching center or in a central location so that all persons involved in the work may have immediate access to the card.


Safety tags are only used in connection with clearances to convey what?

Do not operate


What is a tagout device that prevents inadvertent removal, attachable by hand, self-locking, non-reusable, and non-releasable with a minimum unlocking strength of no less than 50 lbs?

A nylon cable tie
(ex. Zip tie)


How should a release of an OK to Work in the event of an emergency be handled?

With the workers supervisor directing the release and the removal of the Worker’s padlocks and danger tags.


A worker receiving an OK to Work must be __________ and __________ to perform the work.

Qualified and authorized


Does a workers card always have to be issued to a worker?

No. It’s not required when the workers OK to Work does not require repositioning or changing any condition on equipment.

Ex. When a worker is issued an OK to Work to spray an herbicide to control weeds in a high-voltage switchyard.